The wedding season is in full swing and obviously, we do not want to wear the same thing at every celebration.

Indeed, it is sometimes difficult to renew oneself and find new ensembles for a marriage. And most of the time, we wear only once the dress, skirt or pants that we bought for this one.

So to find new looks to attend a wedding, why not delve into … your wardrobe! Just rethink the clothes you already own and the trick is played. Plus, you’ll save money!

I did the exercise myself with my own clothes. It is not so wizard, you just have to use his imagination and see our pieces in another eye!

1: The tailor deconstructs

For example, I had a beautiful tailored set with a tropical print that I had worn only once for an event. I decided to wear the pieces separately to create stylish looks, which I might not have thought of right away!

So I arranged the pink jacket printed with an ivory dress. And yes, an ivory dress for a wedding! That’s why I advise you to wear a piece over to “break” the pale color.

It’s also possible to wear clean pants for a wedding, for a perfect casual-chic look. We wear it with a beautiful silk camisole to complement the whole in beauty!

2: The pleated skirt you wore at Christmas

The folding skirts are very trendy, and they were seen everywhere at the last holiday season. If you already have one, why not take it to the next wedding you are attending!

We arrange it all with a beautiful shirt or a chic camisole, and the trick is played.

3: The jacket you wear in the office

The jacket is often worn at work, but it can easily adapt to all kinds of other situations!

The floral prints are very present this season. We love it because it’s summery, festive and romantic! I had a big favorite for this jacket, which we can wear perfectly with an element of color “blush”.

I once again opted for pants that I already had, with a simpler piece for the top.

So you see, no need to look far or spend a fortune on your looks if you are invited to several weddings this summer! You will quickly realize that your wardrobe is full of beautiful finds.