You have barely had time to enjoy your manicure that the latter already begins to spoil?

To hold varnish longer and allow you remedy this size problem. Here are some very effective tricks.

There is nothing more fierce than to find that a fresh manicurist is getting the trunk. If it happens to you on a regular basis, it may be time to look at it more seriously. To help you adopt the right reflexes, you are offered some unstoppable techniques that should change the situation.

Because warmth is not the best friend of the freshly manicured nails. One takes his precautions and follows these five tips to properly hold his varnish to the beach.

varnishHaving a perfect manicure is far from obvious. And when you spend your day in the sun, it’s even easier. Between heat, sand, and bathing, all the conditions are combined to damage our nails. To counter this declared degradation, it is therefore essential to take its precautions. In addition to the inevitable top coat to apply before and after its usual two coats of varnish, here is what we advise you to do.

Investing in quality varnish

The rest of the year, nothing prevents you to indulge yourself with varnishes. Two francs six sous, but when you plan to spend a few days at the seaside, it is better to invest in a quality product. OPI, Essie, Mavala, bet everything on an expert brand that has made varnish its first expertise.

Put your varnish in the fridge

You may not know, but keeping this in the fridge is highly recommended. Because this degrades much faster when exposed to light and heat, it is ensured to cool it at least during the holidays.

Shake the bottle

To check the quality of a varnish bought a few months ago, do not hesitate to shake it before use. If you hear the small ball move, it’s good. Otherwise, it means that the texture has become too thick and that your varnish has no place in your bathroom. This little trick also makes it possible to mix the color pigments of the varnish for an optimal result.

Apply thin coats

If you want your varnish to stay in place in spite of the ambient heat, make sure that it is applied during the installation by applying thin coats of varnish. It is a very good trick so that it does not soften afterward. If you are patient, make sure your nails dry for 15 minutes between the two layers, it is even more effective.

Use the means

Despite all these efforts, the heat seems to be right for your precious manicure? So use the great ways and use a real anti UV pro product. An innovation signed by Essie and christened Non-yellowing top coat, which will prevent your varnish from suffering the harmful effects of the sun.