cheap T-Shirt

The cheap T-shirt is a scourge for the masculine style and elegance.

Buy cheap T-shirts; it remains common to chat with men who are still looking to buy cheap T-shirts. And that’s how they get rolling. Let me explain why a quality T-shirt is unparalleled with an entry-level T-shirt.

After reading this article, I guarantee you will never have you again. You will always remember these seven ways to spot a good deal.

The cheap T-shirt, a bad deal

Like you, I was looking for the best T-shirt at the best price. And finally, it is the mediocre quality of a T-shirt ordered on the internet. That led me to create the t-shirts for men TaroudBlanc.

So I suggest you explain why buying a low-end T-shirt is never a good deal.

Each piece of the T-shirt is sifted. This will help you understand the problems encountered when buying cheap clothes.

So here are the 5 good ways to not buy a cheap T-shirt.

The 5 annoying problems of entry-level T-shirts

1 – The cheap fabric is very fragile

One thing is for sure the entry-level brands are saving on the quality of the fabric.

Here are some stories you’ve already heard:

The fabric used to make an inexpensive T-shirt was so thin that it got holes after two weeks. In a few washes, your T-shirt was spoiled and began to make lint. The fabric of the T-shirt twitted from the first wash due to poor quality finishes.

cheap-fabric-T-shirtsThe result is annoying.

After one or two washings, the T-shirt is no longer.

And even with respect to the maintenance instructions, the poor quality of the fabric prevents the T-shirt from being durable.

The inevitable result on a poor quality T-shirt. A hole in the jersey fabric (and it’s not even 100% organic cotton!)

2 – Entry-level white and clear T-shirts are transparent

The fabric used on a cheap T-shirt is fine, too thin. Then we see through the fabric. This is one of the best tests to see the quality of a good T-shirt brand. The white T-shirt should not be transparent.

Otherwise, it’s too thin.

Another concern is the difference in density between the collar and the T-shirt. It is obvious. These types of t-shirts too fine are often underwear (and not real garment as would a quality T-shirt).

Note that the collar and sleeve and contrast with the rest of the T-shirt that is almost transparent.

The quality and comfort of the fabric. This is one of the reasons why men prefer thick T-shirts.

For my part, I like white T-shirts. A transparent fabric was a real problem. That’s why the tar tarts are thicker. With the white tassel t-shirt tar, no chance of seeing your nipples through.

The difference is also felt when wearing the T-shirt. A quality T-shirt is much more comfortable.

3 – The fabric of the T-shirts cheap is not pleasant to wear

The quality cotton jersey is knitted from long threads. This ensures that the T-shirt is comfortable, soft and that it holds well.

Conversely, cheap T-shirts are made from a poor quality cotton (or worse, synthetic ?). The fabric is then rough and uncomfortable to wear.

The weight of the cotton fabric of your T-shirt is important.

A thick T-shirt is synonymous with quality and durability. A lighter fabric makes the T-shirt less elegant. It will also be more sensitive to washes.

As you can see, a high-end T-shirt will have a higher weight.

The reason is that the fabric weight plays a major role in holding the T-shirt. A fabric that is too thin tends to wrinkle and participates in the “parachute” effect.


4 – The synthetic T-shirt makes sweat and feels easily bad

Cotton is a rather expensive natural fiber. The brands of entry-level T-shirts are therefore saving (on your back) by using less cotton.

Here’s how they do-

The classic trick is to mix cotton with synthetic fibers, which are cheaper to produce. (These names are familiar to you: polyester, acrylic, elastane). The problem is that these fibers breathe badly, hold hot, and make sweat.

Unlike 100% cotton T-shirts, synthetic T-shirts also hold bad odors.

5 – Cheap t-shirts are badly cut

The famous bag effect or “parachute”.

It is found when the body of the T-shirt is too wide. This problem happens because the T-shirt is cut straight to make fabric savings.


Some T-shirts are sewn in tubular. The cotton thread is knitted into a tube to save on cutting. These T-shirts are recognizable because they have no seams at the torso.

Another problem?

Short sleeves cut straight, they are often too wide and do not follow your biceps.