6 things to compare your car insurance


Before changing insurance or insuring a new vehicle, it is sensible to know how to take advantage of a contract at the best price.

Choosing car insurance for your automobile is always difficult but inevitable. It is therefore important to compare all offers online in order to find insurance adapted to their needs. To help you, here is the 6 fact you should know before choosing any auto insurance.

1-Examine your insurance contract

A careful reading of your contract will make it possible to detect what is inappropriate or not to your personal situation. You have to adjust your contract to your needs. For example, if the vehicle is old, an all-risk insurance contract is rarely advantageous.

In this case, insurance costs are often more expensive than replacing the vehicle in the event of an accident.

2-Engage in contract expertise

Today, the insurance offer is varied. Making an insurance benchmark or an insurance comparison is easy. On the Internet, many tools allow comparing the offers among dozens of companies.

These sites are programmed to offer you the best offer adapted to your profile. The risk with this type of tool is to retain only the criterion of the price and to choose the cheapest insurance. Guarantees are also important and the cheapest insurance is not always the best value for money.

3-Choosing the Best Contract

The choice of the contract is complicated because several factors come into play. The third-party automobile contract covers the basic guarantees. Compensation is only available to third persons and vehicles but never to the driver. It is the cheapest but also the one that offers the minimum.

Conversely, the all-risk insurance policy covers all possible indemnity guarantees regardless of whether or not the driver is liable for the dispute.

It is clear that a vehicle with a low argus coast has no real interest to be covered by an all-risk contract.

4-Well check the amount of the deductible

In the event of a claim, the insurer assumes responsibility for a portion of the physical and material repairs. But he also asks for a sum to be paid to the insured. It’s the franchise. Depending on the insurance company and the type of contract, it varies greatly: from single to double. A trick to lower the cost of insurance and negotiate on the amount of the deductible. A high deductible logically results in a decrease in the contract price. Nevertheless, it is a risk-taking, because, in the case of disasters, it is necessary to reimburse larger costs.

5-Insurance per kilometer

The expression “pay as you drive” illustrates the idea of this insurance. For small wheelers, this is a good solution. The formula is adaptable to the third party as to all risks. The rates are then adjusted to the type of contract and the number of kilometers traveled by the insured sometimes even to the behavior of the driver on the road.

Obviously, some drivers have already tried to conceal their mileage. For this reason, some companies enter into a contract agreement only in the case of authorization to place a GPS chip on board the vehicle.

The car mileage contract reduces the annual cost by 25 to 30%. The principle is to pay a package and complete it by paying 0.010 euro to 0.050 euro per kilometer.

car-insurance-fact6-Paying your insurance premium in one go

Quite often, the insurer does not propose payment terms and tacitly imposes a monthly settlement. Unfortunately, this is what costs the most for the car insured. The splitting of the premium has a cost and is billed to the insured.

The council is to put each month aside one twelfth of the amount of the premium on a savings account. At the end of the year not only can you pay carelessly the amount of insurance and you reap interest.