It is important to read the contract well and take into account various details to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Mileage, insurance, possible drivers ... Everything should be clear
Mileage, insurance, possible drivers … Everything should be clear

During Holy Week holidays , including the expected complications of Operation Exit, millions of people will be traveling to a holiday destination at the wheel of their car. But there will also be many who decide to move in another means of transport and then rent a car upon arrival with which to move in shorter distances.

In that case, it is worth remembering a series of tips before renting the vehicle. What in principle is presented as a simple and quick operation can lead to more difficulties than expected if we do not know certain basic recommendations on the operation of rental companies , their conditions and the small print of contracts … So very attentive to the following Points to avoid unpleasant surprises.


How could it be otherwise, on dates such demand is almost forced make a reservation of the car if we want to guarantee their availability. In addition, this planning allows to compare the prices and conditions of different companies to choose the one that best suits our needs. If the reservation has been made well in advance, it is not too bad to confirm days before the date that everything is correct and thus avoid the possibility of an over-demand leave us without a car.


The rental car can only be driven by the contract holder . Most companies charge a surcharge if there are more drivers authorized, so if more than one person is going to get behind the wheel, it is worth clarifying this circumstance. Otherwise , we may have even legal complications in case of any incident.

Car Insurance Declare all Drivers


Another important aspect is that of rent insurance , both for the occupants and for the vehicle itself. There is no need to have any reservations when requesting clear and complete information about the coverage of the policy that we offer and the prices of the extensions in case we are interested. The low rates are offered with basic insurance and is not always the best alternative, since the slightest incident with the car translates into a significant economic loss: simply breaking a windshield can cost around 1,000 euros. In addition to compulsory insurance, motives, theft and, where possible, all-risk insurance are highly recommended .


In most cases (there are exceptions without limit of use), daily rates refer to a certain amount of kilometers traveled with the vehicle. From this figure applies an added price per kilometer that must be known and taken into account to budget the actual cost of the use. Depending on our plans, sometimes it may be more profitable to resort to a flat rate than to pay per extra kilometer.


When picking up the car it is imperative to check your condition in as much detail as possible, both outside and inside. In case of detecting any damage, the staff of the rental company must be informed so that it can be identified and reflected in the contract. Otherwise, to your return could be responsible for the damage and demand your payment in case you do not have a comprehensive insurance.

Pay attention to the possible deterioration of the vehicle
Pay attention to the possible deterioration of the vehicle


Generally, companies deliver the vehicle with the full tank and demand that it be returned under the same conditions. It is appropriate to do so, since otherwise the customer will be charged an estimated amount over the deficit that reflects the fuel indicator, always higher than the amount we would have paid at the service station. Nor is it too much to keep the receipts of the refueling in case any claim could arise on the part of the renter.


In large companies it is not mandatory to return the car to the same place where it retired, but they usually charge an additional amount (for transportation costs) if the origin and destination are in different franchised offices. And as in each of these doubts that may arise during the rental process, the solution is simple: ask until we have everything very clear.


Payment in cash is virtually obsolete in this type of operations, mainly because companies usually perform blockages in credit card as a deposit to cover possible eventuality. If you have only one debit card (for immediate payment), you may be charged a large amount in the same concept that will be refunded when you return the vehicle.


The incidents that are covered with the security deposit charged on the client’s credit card can be of the most varied: the management of penalties in case of being fined (that has nothing to do with the amount of the own fine), special cleanings if The company considers that the vehicle has been delivered in poor conditions, delayed return, minor damages when not covered by insurance … Reading the fine print with all possible thoroughness is the only way to be aware of these possible incidents.