longer eyelashes

Want your longer eyelashes to always be like those of actresses, models or singers? It is not necessary to spend a fortune on beauty treatments. You can enjoy the most beautiful eyelashes just using by some effective homemade stuff. It will only need to buy some tools and makeup. Discover all this in this article.

By having resistant and strong and longer eyelashes, it is essential to brush them. Brush them to activate the blood circulation. This traditional process always encourages their growth. Add oranges, carrots, and honey to your diet to strengthen them from inside.

Here are 9 natural tips that will allow you to have longer eyelashes

1 / Apply olive oil directly to your eyelashes at bedtime with a cotton swab, and remove the residue the next morning. Olive oil will facilitate the growth of your eyelashes and stimulate their growth process.

2 / You can also use castor oil by following the same procedure as described above. Castor oil will hydrate and fortify your eyelashes.

3 / Prepare an infusion of chamomile flowers. Once ready, apply it directly to your eyelids and eyelashes. Repeat morning and evening for 1 month for visible results.

4 / Mix 6 carrots, 4 oranges, 2 spoons of flower pollen and 1 spoon of walnut kernels. Drink this juice every day for 2 months and drink it during the morning.

5 / Cut the tip of your eyelashes. Like your hair, they need a little bit of freshness from time to time!

6 / Eat foods rich in keratin such as pulses, fish, chicken, eggs, and rice to get longer eyelashes.

7 / Do not skimp on the vitamin C contained in oranges, kiwis, papaya, strawberries, lemons, and melons.

8 / Brush your eyelashes every night as well as your hair to promote their regrowth.

9 / Pay attention to your diet and do not eat too much fat. A diet too greasy slows the growth of the hair.

10/ Try to get some organic process.

More tips for luxury longer eyelashes

longer eyelashesWhen you are applying mascara, the eyelashes tend to clump together, and form pates. If the makeup is not of good quality, it will leave lumps. To avoid these disadvantages, put the end of the handle of a spoon at the top of the lashes and bend them several times upwards. Let the mascara dry and use a toothbrush or a special comb to make them fit your taste.

Here are some extra tips for your long eyelashes.

  • Avoid curling them when you have mascara because they will be damaged more easily.
  • Before applying the mascara, you can put a multi-effect base, that is to use to separate the eyelashes, give them volume, set the curve and not leave agglutinate when you put the two layers of color.
  • Eat more oranges, carrots, and honey, to help grow your eyelashes from inside your body.
  • Always make your eyelashes in three parts, gently and being careful not to break them. The resulting effect will be more natural and you will protect them from direct aggression.

If after applying these tips you do not see any changes, get closer to a dermatologist.