Today, the microwave oven has taken a prominent place in the modern kitchen because of its convenience, time savings, and unavoidable utility.

best-microwave-chooseThe microwave works by transforming the electrical energy into high-frequency waves. That penetrate the interior of the food causing friction between the molecules and, consequently, heat.

Although it is not absolutely necessary to state that they heat from the inside out. They differ from the conventional ovens (which heat leaving the outside of the crunchy food and its moist center). They heat the water, fats, and sugar with speed. That we are going to eat and cook it without grilling since the temperature never reaches 100ÂșC (temperature at which the water begins to evaporate).

It is a multi-purpose cooking utensil in which you can cook, roast, roast, bake and toast. These are fast and efficient. But they do have the advantages and disadvantages presented below.


The main advantage is the cooking time in the microwave oven is reduced to a quarter of the time it takes in gas cookers. Therefore, energy and time are saved.

  • The utensils in the oven do not get hot, only the food is heated.
  • Warming of frozen foods through a microwave oven takes less time. So it is very useful for thawing.
  • Food is cooked uniformly and the taste and texture of the food are not changed when it is overheated.
  • The microwave cooker minimizes the loss of nutrients in food while compared to cooking in pressure cookers.
  • Reduces oil consumption, allowing you to prepare food low in fat.
  • Baking can only be done in microwave ovens or in conventional ovens, not in the kitchen, neither gas nor induction.

Microwave communication systems have a relatively low construction cost compared to other forms of data transmission, such as cable line technologies. A microwave communication system does not require physical cables or expensive attenuation equipment (devices that maintain signal strength during transmission). Mountains, hills, and roofs that provide the economic and accessible basis for microwave transmission towers.


Often the color, texture, and taste of food are different when cooked in a microwave oven, compared to traditional cuisine.

  • It lacks the ability to brown the meat or lasagne for example, and more so when cooking in a short space of time. Although this does not happen if our microwave has a grill.
  • Foods that require frying like chips or batters can not be made in the microwave. Also, it is not possible to make fritters.
  • Only specially designed microwave bowls may be used. Otherwise, there may be a possibility of transferring unwanted harmful chemicals from plastic kitchenware to the food.
  • The main disadvantage is that some studies have shown that foods exposed to microwaves are dangerous to their health that cause disease and increase the risk of causing cancer, as it emits agents that cause cancer.
  • In addition, it causes degeneration of the immune system and abnormal changes in the human blood. There are also contradictory studies.

Microwave ovens can be harmful if you stand directly in front of them while they are in use and we get very close. Another form that can cause problems if they are misused of them, metal objects, or unsuitable utensils.

Foods thicker than 4 centimeters, can not be cooked evenly from microwaves, as they can only penetrate to the depth of 3 cm.

Microwave radio systems are a line of sight technology, ie the signals will not pass through objects (eg mountains, buildings and airplanes). This drawback limits the microwave communication systems to line the operating distances of the view. The flow signals between one fixed point to another, there is always solid obstacle interrupts the flow.