Own a car is a legal obligation and it is important to be in good standing without breaking the bank or taking out an unsuitable offer. Discover the best car insurance through a presentation of the most common choices offered by insurers.

New car purchasing meets its desires or needs, but in both cases represents an investment that is essential to protect. The auto insurance meets this need, subject however to take the right contract. To ensure a new car must indeed take into account certain peculiarities.

car-insurance-termsThe all-risk insurance, an essential protection for a new car

Like all auto insurance, the all-risk formula for a new car covers the damage caused to third parties in the event of a responsible accident. This type of contract also covers the repair of your vehicle or its compensation. In the case of theft or accidental destruction responsible or not.

However, all risk contracts are not identical, which requires a comparison of the offers and a careful reading of the guarantees subscribed and their exclusions. Also included are deductibles whose amount and conditions of application vary from one insurance company to another.

For example, you can use your new car every day to get to work and go out with your family on weekends and for holidays you need a perfectly optimized coverage. If you have to tow a boat trailer or trailer. The purchase of additional options can avoid unpleasant surprises as well as damage not covered by the contract.

Idem if you must use your car as part of your trade, use which must be specified when requesting quotations. The addition of a secondary conductor may in parallel have a variable cost depending on its driver profile and the insurance company.

It is once all these points compared that the auto insurance, a priori ideal from a tariff point of view, can prove to be much less interesting.

The Vwarranty: replacement value for nine

  • As a rule, a new car loses 50% of its value in the first three years. With a discount varying between 17 and 25% in the first 12 months.
  • Even if insured at all risks, its theft will be compensated only on the basis of market value.

In the frequent assumption of a vehicle purchased on credit. The amount of compensation by the insurer risks not covering the balance of the amount to be repaid to the bank. The owner will, therefore, have to draw on his savings to balance. And the credit of a vehicle he no longer owns.

Rather frustrating, right?

To address this issue, insurers offer a new car warranty. In the event of theft or destruction. This warranty can be reimbursed either on the basis of the purchase price of the vehicle. Even on the cost of replacing an equivalent car.

This option is to be subscribed at the time of signing the contract. The duration of this guarantee may vary depending on the company and the chosen level but is generally between 6 months and one year. Some insurance companies go further with a nine-year value hedging up to 60 months. This guarantee is usually accompanied by a free loan of a vehicle until your car is replaced.