So B. It is an American drama movie. This movie directed by Stephen Gyllenhaal and written by Garry Williams.  So B. It based on the novel by Sarah Weeks. The movie cast stars Talitha Bateman, Alfre Woodard, Jessie Collins, Jacinda Barrett, Dash Mihok, John Heard and Cloris Leachman. It was preset will be released on October 6th, 2017 by Good Deed Entertainment.


Heidi It (Talitha Bateman) is a 12 old girl with a mentally disabled mom, but who is otherwise exceptionally lucky. For as long as Heidi can remember, her mom has had only 22 words in her vocabulary. She and her mom live happily, in the bubble of love and safeguard provided by their extraordinary neighbor. Bernadette, at whose door the two present when Heidi was about a week old.


Before stumbling upon an old disposable camera, Heidi has no knowledge of her household or origin other than that her mom’s 23-word vocabulary includes the word “soof,” which she simulates holds some meaning she longs to unbolt. She journey alone by bus from Reno, Nevada to Liberty, New York to visit the group home in the photographs and probe its tight-lipped legislator for answers. She is helped by strangers she meets on the way, and all the while she thinks the nature of reality, whether it is always cognizable, and whether it is always price knowing.

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  1. Director: Stephen Gyllenhaal
    2.  Writer: Garry Williams, Sarah Weeks (Source Material)
    3.  Actors: Alfre Woodard, Talitha Bateman, John Heard, Jacinda Barrett, Cloris Leachman, Jessica Collins, Dash Mihok, Michael Arden
  2. Genre: Family, Drama
  3. Run Time: N/A
  4. Release Date: October 6th, 2017