Know the 5 basic rules of washing machine

Regular washing machine maintenance can help reduce breakdowns and costly water damage


Basic rules to washing your clothes, no one escapes. But not everybody always respects the instructions to the letter.

washing-machine-basic-rulesknowing the basic rules for regular maintenance of you washing machine help to avoid turning his favorite outfit into a doll dress or to find himself with a drum completely calcified, one takes the time to revise the bases.


Read the instructions of your machine, it is the basic. OK, nobody does it. Error ! Because once the animal is tamed, using it becomes child’s play. To summarize, your washing machine consists roughly of a drum, a detergent tray, and a dashboard.

The drum is the tank in which you put your clothes. Avoid stuffing it to the edge. For a perfectly clean cloth, fill your machine up to 2/3.

The detergent tray is where you put the laundry products. It has 3 compartments: one for the prewash (symbolized by ), one for the main wash (**) and one for the softener (symbolized by a flower). The amount of product required depends on the manufacturer’s recommendations, the program and the level of soiling of the laundry.

The instrument panel includes the various programs and controls of your machine: on / off, opening the window, selecting the temperature and spin speed, short programs without pre wash, long programs for heavily soiled laundry … but like most people, you will most often use the same 3 programs.


Sort your linen by color (light, dark, vivid) and by type of fabric (cotton, synthetic, delicate like silk or wool). And wash them separately.
Turn over jeans or T-shirts with a special print.
Always empty the pockets, close the zipper and buttons and unwrap the pant legs and sleeve shirts.
Wash your delicate linen, lingerie and Velcro coins in a closed bag.
Another good reflex: decrypt the label of your clothes. This is your main source of information. It indicates if your garment should or should not be dry cleaned, by hand or machine. And at what temperature. Do you understand all the symbols?


Liquid, powder, capsule, which product to choose? Use the right product with the right dosage is essential to preserve his machine. We’ll be explained everything here.

WELL-MAINTAINING-WASHING-MACHINEAnd softener is a good plan? Yes, it also gives your clothes an extra soft feel and also reduces static electricity, wrinkles and drying time, while facilitating the ironing chore.


A cycle lasts between 30 and 120 minutes. The wool cycle is short to avoid wetting the fibers for too long. Longer cycles are reserved for high-temperature detergents for heavy duty laundry. To wash heavily soiled clothes, go for a prewash or an additional rinse. How to choose the best wash cycle?

And the temperature? If you are mixing the fabrics, choose the lowest temperature. Tissues that can shrink must be washed cold. Very dirty linen requires a high temperature and hygiene sometimes requires boiling, but do not make it a habit. Do you want to know more? It’s over here.


Clean your machine regularly. Residues of products, mushrooms and it is the bad odors assured. Another sworn enemy of your washing machine: the limestone! A natural solution to avoid these problems? Pour 1 liter of white vinegar and 1 kg of coarse salt into your detergent tray and run a 90 ° C vacuum machine. To be done every 3 months.

And do not forget to unplug your washing machine (and to open the door) when you go on holiday. One is never too careful!