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Bike insurance
Bike insurance

Bike Insurance | Liability For Your Bike

What is bike insurance?


Although this bike insurance article we are focusing on “normal” motorcycle (150) we must know that every owner of a quad, moped, motorcycle is legally required to have compulsory insurance to cover damage or injury that may be caused our vehicle to others or things.


I recommend the insurance history book! Great book on the history of insurance in world, including this logically.


That covers?


Within the Insurance Mediators are different models or motorbike insurance. Some of these recipes are clearly influenced by marketing.


Basically, you have to know that the bike insurance basically covers (like other insurance) three “fields”:


– Cover the people.


– Cover the vehicle


– Complementary


To “meet the people” we mean civil responsibility you have in an accident, legal expenses, travel assistance … with the second group “meet the vehicle” we mean the theft, fire or damage to the same, and already in the third case “complementary” talk about extra conditions as contracted by the user or offer insurance.


Different toppings you can have on bike insurance


Within each insurer or insurance broker, you can find a wide range of toppings on your motorcycle insurance.


As we discussed before different marketing strategies, you will see the camouflaged by different ranges. Basically, you have to know that they are generally separated into three groups:  Basic – Media – Premium


The basic as the name suggests, covers you just enough for the law. It’s the cheapest insurance you can certify to the Consortium of Insurance. But we insist, to cover the basics.


The middle class covers a little more than basic but nothing to write home about. You’ll cover the compulsory voluntary liability insurance driver, total theft even fire.

It varies coverage you can have. Each insurer will propose an offer.


And lastly, we have defined as the insurance premium. What we mean is that pretty much covers everything, from travel assistance, through theft, the use of fines and legal assistance.


That is the most important in the motorcycle insurance.


So you do not do “much mess” you should know that the most important in the insurance coverage and contrasts are the value of the hedges.


That is, different voluntary insurance may cover your liability. But it estimated in money, x. While the other will in another amount.


Whereupon, in a case like this above, the best insurance is no longer the one with more coverage, but the coverage you have a good relationship / real solutions.


Another example would be the basic life insurance. There is little point having a life insurance policy with broad coverage. if one says that by staying in a wheelchair you get an amount of € 6,000. Tell me where that money is in a wheelchair.


So, very careful in coverage and in the quantities!


Some of the coverages that we can find in the bike insurance:


– Compulsory Liability

– Liability voluntary

– Insurance Driver

– Total Theft

– Total Fire

– Damage to the vehicle itself

– Management and / or fines resource

– Travel assistance

– Legal service

– Legal Defense and Damage Claim

– Insurance Conductor

– Travel Assistance Km 0.

– Damage to Hull

– Fire

– Burglary

– Breaking Faro

– Insurance Accessories

– Own Damage

And more coverages. Now it’s up to you to decide which type of insurance you want and how you want.

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