On board the Queen Mary 2: magical arrival in New York


Words missing so much the Queen Mary 2 arrival in the bay of New York was rich in emotions, in images, in thoughts, in sharing after the crossing of the Atlantic. After more than five days at sea from Saint-Nazaire, the steamer docked in Brooklyn at sunrise on Saturday.


New York in sight at dawn

If the alarm clock was particularly early, four o’clock in the morning (10 am French time), it was well worth it. Quietly, after more than five days of crossing, New York and the Verrazano bridge are in sight. On the various bridges of the Queen Mary 2, the passengers take advantage of the moment, of the calm, conscious of living a moment strong and rare.


The Verrazano Bridge

When approaching the Verrazano bridge, the optical effect is impressive. We think we’re going to hit the bridge. But the day before, Commander Christopher Wells reassured us: there are four meters between the chimney of the steamer and the apron of the bridge. We also have a very strong thought for all those immigrants who fled Europe and arrived in the American city by boat in the hope of a better life.


The choir sings on board

Facing the Statue of Liberty, the choir of the edge intones Amazing Grace, a traditional Irish song. She trained during the week on board with violinist Jean-Christophe Spinoza. Some are crying. Hand waving French and American flags. One knows more where to look so much the spectacle is grand and the strong moment, historical. The commander of the steamer also took his time; The ship is almost stopped while the helicopters are running around. To approach so near the statue of Liberty, a derogation was granted.

An unforgettable crossing

Then the Queen Mary 2 takes the direction of Brooklyn and the dock where it will moor. The cruise ends. The feelings are mixed: one has necessarily a pinch in the heart to leave this magnificent steamer and to find the effervescence of connected life and the city that never sleeps. But we also say that we had the chance to live aboard a formidable adventure, unique, timeless, unforgettable.