car insurance

Driving can be costly if all expenses are taken into account. However, in some places, the price of car insurance is much higher than in others.

Why car insurance vary? Among other reasons, the car insurance. Here we tell you in which cities it is more expensive and cheaper to hire it.

If after analyzing your financial situation, you need a loan. You should look for the best alternatives so that this expense does not complicate your finances even more. For example, if you need a loan to change your car because you need it to work overtime. A low-interest option can be beneficial because you will not have to spend on public transportation. In this case, applying for a loan will be an investment and not an expense.

The most expensive cities

most-expensive-citiesThe information is based on a report prepared by Car Insurance. Which took into account the price of a policy with full coverage for a Honda Accord 2016. Compared it to all states. The results were…

1. Detroit, Michigan

That’s right, the automotive city par excellence is also the most expensive. The annual average insurance rate is $ 7,400, and some people even pay $ 16,000.

In Michigan, insurers always pay for accidents, regardless of guilt. In addition, it is the only state that pays unlimited lifetime medical coverage for auto accidents. These factors raise the price.

2. Brooklyn, New York

In general, in big cities, you pay more. It is therefore reasonable that the largest city in the country is in this position. Here you pay an average of $ 4,400 per year for car insurance.

3. New Orleans, Louisiana

An explanation? Mardi Gras can be a dangerous time to drive. In this city are paid about $ 3,747 per year in insurance.

4. Coral Gables, Florida

Located south of downtown Miami, people here pay about $ 3,310 a year in car insurance. Among other factors, the crime rate plays a determining role.

5. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Here people pay an average of $ 3,189 a year on their insurance. However, in some areas, the price reaches $ 6,400.

The cheapest

  1. Fremont, Ohio: $ 804 per year.
  2. Swannanoa, North Carolina: $ 813 per year.
  3. Normal, Illinois: $ 818 per year.
  4. Blacksburg, Virginia: $ 819 per year.
  5. Lafayette, Indiana: $ 838 annually.

Rural areas, cheaper

Fremont, for example, is 40 miles (64 km) from Toledo and its population is 17 thousand. Rural areas tend to pay less than urban areas. Why? There are usually fewer cars and fewer accidents, so expenses would also be lower.

Would you like to buy a car? First make sure you can cover all expenses, especially insurance.

Maybe the savings you have are aimed at another goal, but if you really need a loan. You can use your savings or else plan to save a few months to use it on what you need. It is always best to strive and restrict some expenses. So that you can pay what you need with your savings.