Car Insurance | You Must need to know

Car Insurance
Car Insurance

Car Insurance | You Must need to know

Car insurance is the most commercialized in our country. So we want to dig a little deeper in its history, safety of these vehicles and most common of these insurance coverages covering more than 30 million vehicles around the country.

Car insurance; his story

Auto insurance is much older history than we can imagine. We have to travel to the early nineteenth century, specifically 1821, when the Prefect of Paris created a fund with contributions from the drivers. With these contributions was going to deal with the damage to third parties and the fines which were imposed on drivers of horse-drawn carriages.

Later, in France, was founded The Automedon, society covering the civil liability of the drivers. In the following years the Commercial Court annulled all carriages insurance because according to them this tranquility causes distractions and lack of attention to these workers. This judgment was overturned, years later, the Court of Cassation.

Things have changed in the nineteenth century were canceled insurance to avoid distractions when you are now indispensable and that gives us great confidence to all drivers.

To find the first car insurance, more similar to what we know today, we have to travel to the US. The February 1, 1898 the first car insurance was signed in history. The company through which it was made was Travelers Insurance. That’s when the real story of what we know today as car insurance began.

The importance of the safety of the vehicle itself:

Third-party insurance or all risk giving you the peace of mind that in case of accident or breakdown will be covered in greater or lesser extent but there is a point that becomes more important and the security itself, which includes the vehicle.

Like everything in life, car safety has evolved over the years. Of course, if you have to choose a time that changed the history of safety cars I think almost all have clear.

Invention of seatbelt:

The year was 1959 when Volvo engineer Nils Bohlin, invented the three-point belt anchorage which now incorporate the same vehicles. Since its estimated that with this instrument have been saved over a million lives. Thanks to the invention of Bohlin each year about 100,000 deaths were avoided.

The safety belt was introduced as a means of passive safety for aircraft in the 30s, and in 1956 years as Ford included the security element in their cars. In those years it was when Volvo decided to give an evolution that belt and started in 1959 include Nils Bohlin’s invention on their Amazon model.

The best-selling car models in history

These themes are always interesting and something we like a lot is know what more or better. In this case we will talk about the three best-selling car models in history.

In third place is the legendary model from the German Volkswagen, the Golf. The leader among compact cars has more than 29 million units sold throughout its history. The first Volkswagen Golf left the factory in 1974 and until today already known seven generations of what has been, is and will apparently be one of the most historical models in the world of four wheels.

One place above we find the Ford F-Series F-150 which has a whopping more than 35 million registrations. Europe is not a model that sole seen often, but this truck has a long history that began in 1948 and counts among its achievements to be the most sold in the United States for 24 years car.

The first position of this short list has a name and that’s Toyota Corolla. This model of the Japanese house has since 1966 sold over 40 million units. Thanks to cost and consumption that was born with this model managed to become one of the most popular in the Japanese market for years later conquer the old continent and American soil models.

How to save a vehicle?         

One of the biggest concerns when buying a car is the expense involved. The price of the vehicle itself must be added the fuel and possible damages. Therefore we will give you a few tips are always welcome and if it comes to saving.

When buying a vehicle must be informed beforehand, what should we tell? We have to document ourselves about the various public aid (PIVE plan), promotions of houses, browse and km0 vehicles, and do not forget we also have the option of leasing. If you are reporting well about all these options we are confident that you will achieve save a few usd on the purchase of your next vehicle.

car insurance coverage
car insurance coveragerance

The most common in these insurance coverages:

A car insurance is to provide security and tranquility to both the driver and third. As almost everyone will know there are third-party insurance or all risk known.

third party insurance usually covers the mandatory liability, e.g. against third parties, supplementary liability, legal defense and claims for damages, or travel assistance and other driver’s insurance coverage.

Meanwhile insurance as its name suggests covers ‘almost’ everything. It has extended coverage and others not covered by insurance to third parties. Some of the most common are own damage, theft, broken windows, fire or explosion or vehicle replacement vehicle.

In the all-risk insurance coverage they can vary by company but the toppings are often the most exposed usual in this type of policy.