Many people are not waiting for the terms and conditions of their insurance to read. A long and tedious task. If you make a comparison of car insurance, you are at a glance, what the major policy conditions. Then you quickly see if you have chosen the right car insurance. But if you want to figure out everything in detail, are you busy? Therefore we like to do that for you. On this page you see an overview of key elements of the policy conditions. Then you can see for example, what the different car insurance companies will  reciprocate.


Excess your car insurance

The deductible is the portion of the damage that you have to pay. For most insurers, this excess is € 135, – to € 150, -. If you have a loss of € 1500, – and you have a deductible of € 150, -, you get € 1350, – will be paid from your car insurance company and pay € 150, – himself. Read more about the excess and see the outline of the excess by car insurer .

Notice period insurance

If you wish to cancel your insurance, you often have to deal with notice. If you sell your car, there is nothing more to insure and you can cancel the insurance directly. But you want to change, for example because you’re from somewhere else cheaper? Then there is a period of notice. Today is fortunately easier than before: in almost all auto insurers can cancel at any time after the first year. Read more about cancellation and review WA + Full Casco Insurance shutdown. On the new car replacement because you only do something when buying a new car. This arrangement makes it possible to buy a new car, your car might total loss are damage. The scheme does not apply to a used car. Read more about the new car replacement and see the new car replacement by car insurer .

Cost Auto Insurance Regulations

Buy a brand new car? You often need a new car replacement. You can a quickly buy new car , you should fast this car totaled drive. But that scheme does not apply to used cars. Therefore, nowadays used by many car insurers, the acquisition scheme. That arrangement makes you the first time after purchasing the car, get back the purchase price. Read more about this acquisition scheme and see the outline of the acquisition scheme by car insurer .

The equivalent car scheme

If your car is totaled, you may be the current value get paid. But this is usually not enough to redeem an equivalent car. Therefore it is better to close auto insurance which has a similar car scheme. Then you get enough money from your car insurance company or to buy a similar car. See what automobile insurers use the equivalent car scheme .

Higher deductibles youth

Above we put forward what the deductible. When applying for your car insurance, you usually see only the standard deductible. But the fine print can provide a nasty surprise, for example, that the deductible is higher still. Many humans do not know if someone drives under 24 damage to your car, the excess can increase significantly. Read more about the higher deductible for youngsters . On that page you will also find the increased deductible by car insurer.

Choice bodyshop to repair car window

When repairing damage to your car, you often have little choice for a bodyshop . Your car insurance company will often send to a connected bodyshop. This offers advantages such as lower deductibles or a free replacement car. For the insurer, the administration easier and costs less to repairers where agreements with. Some car insurance companies even allow you to pay a higher deductible or give less compensation if you go to a non-affiliated repair company. Read more about guidance on repair of your car window . Check out the list of the largest insurers and their allowances window damage.


With drunk driving


It is unwise to crawl behind the wheel with too much drink. Something that speaks for itself. If you cause a lot of damage while you’re driving? Then the car insurance does not cover damages and you pay for everything yourself. Chances are that even your car insurance is terminated. If you’re as counterparties involved in such a collision, your car insurance will pay it damages. But which can then be back knocking at your stories to damage you. Read more about the rules about driving and see how it is with your auto insurer.

Surrenders deductibles

Some people want the full damages reimbursed and will therefore not deductible. In a number of car insurance has no deductible, while others can reduce and pay more premiums. Usually you can just buy off the excess so-called all-risk claims. These are damages that you yourself have caused to your car. Damages covered by the limited-hull coverage , such as window damage and theft, there usually are not covered. Read all about the redemption of the excess and see how this is an auto insurer.



It can happen that you get a collision abroad. If the accident was serious, you can get a spot punishment of the police. Your car or driver’s license is taken, or end up in a cell in the worst case. For your car or driver’s license to get back, or to come back himself, a deposit is required than in the form of money. The car insurance company can advance it. That is the guarantee. Read more about the guarantee .