auto car insurance

Auto car insurance is a basic insurance that covers the damages that a driver causes with his car to a third party. Either to the vehicle or the passengers of the other car as to the occupants of his own car. But it does not cover his own personal damages. Those caused to your vehicle, or the items transported therein. The amounts of compulsory insurance cover a limit of 200 million dollars in case of damages to people.

Whatever the number of victims.  Any owner of a discharged car is required to take out liability insurance. It is a high amount, but it can happen the case of multiple accidents. In which they have involved a multitude of cars, reason why could surpass those numbers. For such remote cases, companies offer the option of voluntary liability insurance.

If you do not want to take any economic risk and be fully covered in case of an accident.

That is, including compensation for both the vehicle itself and the guilty driver. Also, have the option to take out comprehensive insurance with more coverages.

Directly with a company or through an insurance broker?

One of the first considerations to consider is: with whom did the insurance contract? You can find the option to buy directly from an insurance company. or hire through an insurance intermediary.

  • In the first case, the main motivation is the immediacy and price, may be driven by some campaign or promotion.
  • In the second, the act is more reflective, the driver likes to compare the available supply and usually look for a more personalized product.

Moreover, if you trust a mediator, normally you will get a good price. Because the same will be adjusted with the company. In the case of going to a mediator, the latter is required to perform an objective. The analysis that includes a comparison of insurance according to coverage and prices. That is very practical when choosing a good insurance that fits our needs.

According to some studies, 70% of drivers seeking insurance made their decision by price. And other 30% contracted their auto car insurance for qualitative reasons.

Insurance to third parties, with the franchise, at all risk … which one do I choose?

auto car insuranceThe most important factor to get right in your decision is undoubtedly the age of the car. All-risk insurance is more expensive and will not worthwhile if your vehicle is more than 10 years old. In general, the RACE recommends choosing an all-risk insurance provided that the car does not exceed five years old. In the event that you exceed them. Depending on the state and the use you give the car and its depreciation.

That is variable depending on the make and model. It may be more interesting to take out a comprehensive insurance. On the contrary, opt for a “third party” with extended coverings. Such as fire, moons or robbery, among others. If the vehicle is more than 10 years old, the most reasonable option is a third party insurance.

There are many other factors to consider to choose the best auto car insurance.

  • The use you give
  • type of car
  • whether you live in a city or in the country
  • car sleeps on the street etc.

For example, if you live in rural or isolated areas with game hunting nearby. It is important to consider the contracting of the optional and additional guarantee of hunting damages. To cover the responsibility of the driver. Also, the coverage of free choice of a workshop to be able to repair your car in some near and trustworthy.

Also in case, you drive a high-end car. You may be interested in maintaining the full risk. Auto car insurance for a little longer since repairs are usually more expensive.

The supply of auto car insurance has varied substantially in recent years. It should be noted that lately the form of insurance ‘Pay as you drive’ has proliferated. That is to say, ‘Pay according to what you drive’. If you just pick up the car at certain times you can be profitable. To register the use of the car is necessary to install a device that provides the insurer.

For occasional use, for example, to use a car that is only used in the summer holidays. Auto car insurance can also be interesting for days or weeks.

auto car insuranceDo not pay more than the bill!

As much love as you have to your car, you have to get the idea that is aging. If it is an old car with more than 10 years it is not interesting to pay at all risk. Keep in mind that if you suffer an accident with an old car you will most likely be awarded very low compensation.

Many drivers are reluctant to include a franchise in their insurance. Through the franchise establishes an amount that will always assume the policyholder in any repair. If the cost is greater to the franchise, the rest will be taken care of by the insurer.

If you are not a driver with many accidents, it will compensate you to include a franchise in the insurance of your car. It will reduce your annual premium.

And be careful if you are an occasional driver of the vehicle. If, for example, you are going to pick up your father’s or your partner’s car from time to time. You must make sure that you can sign up for the insurance as an authorized driver. Because you will be cheaper than hiring a separate policy.

What is best auto car insurance for me?

Lastly, do not be carried away by promotion. Especially when you are not a new driver. If you have had a loss, we recommend values that were your experience with the company. With which you had contracted the insurance:

  • how they have managed the accident,
  • the attention they have given you as a client,
  • the work of the workshop and the expert, road, etc.

They are qualitative aspects of the insurance that must be valued before starting to change a company. Fundamentally, if you are happy with the service that you have been given so far.

When purchasing auto car insurance, it is also important to evaluate quantitative aspects. Usually less known, such as the venal value that the company would assume in case of loss. The compensation established if you suffer an accident with damages.