From the moment you a car insurance have on your name, build your claim free years. Every year you are claiming any damage to your insurance company, you get a year in damage. And if you claim a loss, do you claim years lost.

The more claim-free years you have, the more discount you get on your insurance premium. Step on your car insurance? Then you can take your claim years. That way you will not lose you any discount.

Damage-free years to build or lose

Damage per year climb the so-called bonus / malus ladder and get more premium. The bonus-malus ladder is a table that shows how much premium you get a certain number of years without claims. This table varies by insurer.

Are you guilty of any damage or you can not tell someone else? You always fall back five years without claims if you claim damages. If you have more than 15 claim-free years, you always fall back to 10 years. Are you still confident a few years? Then you come to a negative number of claim-free years out. In insurance parlance a ‘malus’ situation.

bonus-malus ladder .

If you have a car insurance have is an important factor in it how much damage  you drive. Have you had any damage a year? Then reward your car insurance you a discount on your premium. Insurers use the bonus / malus ladder to determine how much discount (or fee) you get exactly the premium of your car insurance.)

Damage free years not valid indefinitely

With many car insurers claim years up to three years. Have three years had no insurance on your name? Then you lose your previously accumulated damage free years. And thus you lose your premium.

Until 2014 was it that you lost your claim years after one year at many insurers. Independer found this system unfair and searched about the publicity. And with success, as with most insurers claim years now valid for three years.

Four ways to demonstrate injury-free years

If you have car insurance, the insurance company always asks how much damage free years you have. The insurer asks how to prove this claim years. Here are four ways to:

  1. Roy data
    since September 1, 2007, there is a central database in which insurers register how much damage free years you have built. Change your insurer? Then your new insurer may by Roy data quickly check the number of claim-free years
  2. Cancellation Statement
    Do you claim-free years earned abroad? Then verzekaar requires a cancellation statement of the foreign insurer. This statement you get from canceling your car insurance. Here is among others on how much damage free years you have. The declaration must be in English or German and a maximum three years. If you want to know whether and how long an insurer accepts a cancellation statement, please call us at 035-626 55 44.
  3. Lease Statement
    Did you ride in a lease? You will receive after the expiry of the lease a lease statement. This is how long you’ve driven in the lease and how much (and what type) have claimed damages. Then the insurer determines how much damage free years are awarded there.
  4. Employer Declaration
    Have you driven a company car? Then you can ask an employer’s statement. This is only rarely accepted. Ask your employer why a statement by the insurer. You must have been the sole driver of the vehicle.

Damage-free years for second car

Unfortunately, you take no damage free years from a first to a second car. The second car often has a different driver has a different driving experience. Therefore, apply your claim years alone for the first car.

But many auto insurers give you extra advantage with a second car scheme. When two cars insured with the same insurer, you often get a second car the same no-claim discount as the first.

Damage free years of someone taking

Would you put your car in the name of someone else? Then you want to take the claim years. That’s between (ex) partners, or if you take a car from your company in your name as a private person

Damage-free years at auto parents

You drive occasionally in the car of your parents? Then enter the accumulated damage free years in principle to your parents unless you’re on the policy as a regular driver. But that never actually occurs.

Damage-free years from abroad

Have you built claim years abroad and you want to bring into the Netherlands? Then in most cases.

Damage-free computing years – use our tool

Independer a tool created that gives you an indication of your claim years. Fill in how many years you are insured and how much damage you have been making your premium has increased. Then you can immediately see how much damage free years you about.