Discover the new favorite t-shirt of the stars

A model with the meaningful message!


Following the presentations held throughout Europe in June, the men’s ready-to-wear collections for spring-summer 2018 officially ended last night in Manhattan.

T-shirt fashion in New York; the women’s parades will take over on 6 September. Before continuing in London, Milan, and Paris. From there to affirm that the American fashion occupies a central place on the international chessboard. There is a step to not cross.

Because it is a step back in the lightweight programming of its two Fashion Weeks. In addition, it faces equally serious economic difficulties. For example, its prestigious department stores announce. In turn, severe cuts in their workforce and branch closures by tens or even hundreds. While the rise of e-shops explains this slowdown in traditional distribution. Their excessive location in shopping centers, on the outskirts of large cities, is also at stake. There are several thousand such malls in the United States.

This is the new trend piece for Instagram fans. Discover why

Amie Chung, Brie Larson, Lea Michele all connected actresses start wearing this white t-shirt. American brand Madewell post photos of their summer outfit on their Instagram accounts.

Proud of their new fashion find? Simply happy to have the same t-shirt? Certainly yes, but for a reason that is really worth it!

Simple and effective, the celebrity message t-shirt is a piece of collaboration between the American label and the Surfrider Foundation which aims to clean and preserve the beaches made in the USA. Embroidered with the slogan “Long Live The Beach”, the recycled cotton model surfs the wave of message tops to raise awareness of a large-scale environmental problem.

Amie-sexyA beautiful way to make fashion a lever for the Surfrider foundation that works to clean the stretches of fine sand and eliminates no less than 45 tons of waste coming from the oceans per year.

To bring your seashell to the building of beach cleaning, find this t-shirt on the e-shop of the mark. The opportunity to have a t-shirt of circumstance for the holidays while making a small gesture for the beauty of the beaches!