summer vacation

Overview of the necessary and comfortable clothes to spend a summer in complete tranquility.

Before summer vacation it is time to think about the beach outfit you will wear when it’s hot and humid. The best way to survive heat waves is to wear light clothing in light colors.

Too hot, too dressed, too compressed, the summer outfit can quickly become a puzzle.

Do not hesitate to play on shapes with less-tight shirts, less tight t-shirts, and wider pants. Materials are also determining factors. For comfort, it is necessary to favor more airy textures like linen or cotton. Here are six clothes and accessories to dress without undressing.

The T-shirt

T-shirtDifficult to compose without a tee-shirt during this season. Simple and practical, here are some tricks to wear it well. To allow the body to breathe, it will be necessary to favor a round neck notch or a collar V without falling into exaggeration. Note that a well-cut t-shirt hangs the body without molding it and that if it is 100% cotton, it will be much more pleasant to wear during the hot heats.

On the hue side, the light colors are in order when the tee-shirt is united without hesitating to play on the form and the materials. When the model is graphic, a higher budget is needed to find a quality pattern and avoid unwanted washout. Light prints on casual themes are ideal for summer: the sea with its anchors and aquatic animals or birds.

The linen shirt

shirts Linen shirts represent the compromise of fine weather. Both dressy and casual, this garment can equally be married to a sportswear style as casual; Even casual chic.

This material allows the air to pass and to breathe the body while bringing a sensation of freshness. It is also ideal for sensitive skin because all have anti-allergic and antibacterial virtues.

The seersucker jacket

The seersucker jacket is cut for the summer season. Traditionally blue and white, it contrasts with a classic costume jacket, the texture adding a touch of originality. The material is a cotton weave that is both smooth and wrapped, allowing the garment not to stick to the skin. On the practical side, it does not wrinkle, has a natural extensibility and it is not necessary to iron it.

The cargo pants

Elegant and declinable at will, the cargo pants is a good way to overcome the hot season. Military inspiration, it is commonly distinguished by its two pockets plated on the sides.These last offer the possibility to store all the objects of the daily life without feeling overloaded. Lightweight and less heavy than jeans, flannel wool or cotton twill models are the most suitable to oxygenate the body.


The desert boots

This model has the advantage of being at the crossroads of styles. Can associate with many outfits, it allows to breathe the foot and allows to walk the city well shod and with serenity. If the seam and the laces are the same color, the result will be more casual. Same thing if the laces are flat, this will bring a seasonal casual touch that contrasts with formal shoes. For a more “summer” and original style, choose a pair with a crepe insole.


Unmistakable, espadrilles remain the emblem of the summer. With their price more than affordable, they give a touch “beach” to an outfit. Without falling into the discourteous excesses, they also allow the foot to breathe. We will prefer the models with stripes type marine or tightened to approach soberly and elegantly the season.