With an excellent movie trailer, Finding Oscar is a harrowing new documentary. It is a feature-length documentary about the search for justice. In a unremembered massacre during Guatemala’s decennary-long civil war, a young boy was left, only to be mentioned by one of the very militants who killed his family. Nearly 30 years after the tragedy, it will receive a dedicated team—from a forensic scientist to a young Guatemalan prosecutor—to unlock the reality and bring the fair play to those responsible… by discovering the missing boy named Oscar. It is one of the best movie trailers of the documentary film.


Let’s Introduce with Industry Leading  partner:

  1. Director: Ryan Suffern
  2. Writer:  Mark Monroe, Ryan Suffern
  3. Actors: Sebastian Rotella, Scott Greathead, Kate Doyle, Fredy Peccerelli
  4. Genre: Documentary, Drama
  5. Run Time: 1 hour 34 minutes
  6. Release Date: April 14th, 2017