lose weight

Want to lose weight, but out of the question of dieting? Good news: know that it is possible to lose weight without necessarily starving you.

Editing some of your (bad) habits might be enough to tip the scales to the right side. All Cosmo tips to find a dream silhouette without your stomach shouting starvation.

With our 12 slimming tips, you will see your silhouette refine without depriving you

Stop fast food

stop snakingEveryone knows that eating fast food is bad for your health. Except that in general one goes there anyway! So if you want to keep your line, stop junk food because burgers and fries, you can imagine, it’s ultra caloric!

Switch sweet sodas against light versions

If you regularly drink ultra-sweet soda to quench your thirst: raise your foot! Opt for the lightweight versions a few times and gradually reduce their consumption to become a follower of water, Alloy slimming n  1.

Stop snacking

Stop snacking

If there is indeed an enemy for our line, it is nibbling . Especially if you eat junk. Then, in case of food cravings, we hold back before throwing ourselves headlong on a bar in chocolate.

If you have to crack, do it for an apple for example, rather than for crisps.

Do not Skip Meals

If you think that ignoring breakfast, lunch or dinner will help you lose weight: you are wrong! It is essential to make at least 3 meals a day (or even 4 with the snack). Why ? Just because when you skip a meal, the next one makes you store fat that you have not brought to your body. So eat to lose weight!


To get out of the dog, to go and get his wand (ah, not the bread makes you grow thin!).

walkingTo park a little further than under the window of his office are the new habits to adopt a little more to the daily life and thus to burn Calories.

Drink until thirsty!

You must drink. Again and again. Why ? Simply because for the brain, the signal of hunger and thirst is identical. Therefore, when you have a small dip, you may actually be thirsty. So think about hydrating yourself.


Eat at the Right Time

Respecting it is biological clock is very important. So we allocate the schedules of his meals according to his activities during the day and keep this rhythm for life! This is called chrono-nutrition.

breakfast-right-timeAnd we keep in mind that it takes: Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar.

Change dishes

Deceive your brain by eating in small plates to reduce the servings you use. Another less known trick: Bet on colored plates for less eating.

Do you think the idea is far-fetched? Not that much! In reality, each color has an impact on the brain. Eating on a red plate would open the appetite. The white plates would be neutral, as for the blue and black, they would have an effect on satiety. Why ? Just because black or blue foods are ultra rare and for the brain, these colors do not refer to the field of food.

Prepare the perfect dish

The first idea not to gain weight: it is necessary to eat balanced. To do this, the distribution of food on your plate must be very precise.

perfect dishSo we keep in mind the formula slimming magic: 50% vegetables (enjoy green vegetables), 25% protein (lean meat Preferably and fish) and 25% carbohydrates (our friend’s starches).

Say goodbye to whole milk

Too rich, it is better to ignore the whole milk and bet rather on its half-skimmed or skimmed version (and there, it would be the top of the top) because they are much less fat and just as good!

Get rid of it!

Let’s admit it, a grief of love is the must to make us lose the appetite and at the same time our extra pounds. It remains to be seen whether we prefer to be slim or sad and single … We at Cosmo, we are rather of opinion that you stay with your darling