Health Insurance: Where will you get the best care?


Access to health insurance will undoubtedly be one of your main concerns. It must be considered when you decide to go abroad, alone or with your family.

About health insurance, our study highlights the strengths and weaknesses of 11 so-called “rich” and developed countries. Top of the list is the United Kingdom for its National Health Service. The United States, for its part, ranks last because of the complexity of the health system.

Dutch health insurance

Although reputed to be expensive, medical care in the Netherlands is known to be among the best in the world. Unlike the United Kingdom and Australia. The Dutch health system relies heavily on private insurers in terms of funding. It refers to the public health system, while the Individual. A private health insurance is for people with high salaries.

It is interesting to note that Dutch insurers are mainly financed by the population. The population enlarges it through premiums and taxes. Foreign nationals, on the other hand, must take out private health insurance to be eligible for the residence permit, unless they already have coverage in their country of origin with a reciprocal agreement with the Netherlands to that effect.

Foreign nationals must take out private health insurance to be eligible for the residence permit. Unless they already have coverage in their country of origin. A reciprocal agreement with the Netherlands to that effect.

Health-care-emergencyThe NHS of the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has the world’s most successful National Health Service (NHS). Health care provided by public hospitals is of high quality. Although wait times can be quite long, particularly in London.

That is also the case in the United States. It is interesting to note that the United Kingdom’s universal health care system is managed entirely by the UK Government. That strives to maintain the level.

By moving to the UK as a resident, you automatically become eligible for the NHS. In the same way as the British, giving you free access to health care in public institutions.

On the other hand, there are some exceptions. Such as dental and optical care that are not supported. In addition, prescription drugs require a flat-rate fee. Thus, many foreign nationals also prefer to take out supplementary health insurance to use private health care.

United States: a confusing system

If you have decided to try a new adventure in the US. It is better to have a solid work contract including health care coverage. Indeed, the US health care can be very expensive. A serious obstacle to your project, especially if you plan to make it your family.

It is good to know that the health care you receive will depend on your income threshold. More you earn, the more you will spend to access the best health care.

However, the US health care system remains one of the most efficient in the world. Given the number of public and private health facilities. Most advanced equipment available to them.


Indeed, the report shows some improvement in the level and quality of health care. Although this is far from sufficient. In terms of costs, the United States spent $ 9,364 per person in 2016 compared to $ 4,094 in the United Kingdom.

In general, access to health care is still limited to a large number of Americans. It’s been criticized for many years in numerous reports. Many also do not have health coverage, compared to citizens in other rich and developed countries.

As a result, one-third of the adults surveyed in this study say they did not take any medication. Did not see a doctor when they were sick or received recommended care.