High-end beauty retouching

High-end beauty retouching is often used in advertising and in the photography mode and glamor. In most cases, the face and the whole body are adapted to the last the ideal of beauty. Almost all the portraits found in advertisements have been retouched to sell products aimed at achieving this ideal of retouched beauty. High-End Beauty Retouch is much more than a simple touch-up. But this is not a modern invention, but painters have always retouched their models when they painted them.

Photo editing has not always been digital. It was practiced at the time of the film. But still, thank you Photoshop! Digital retouching frees us from many technical and creative limitations. You can hire a professional service provider to get cheap and best beauty retouch services.

High-End Beauty Retouching and Creative Retouching

The margin is thin between photo editing and creative retouching. Both are heavily used in advertising, either to optimize the appearance of a photograph or to create a striking image. They are different from the beauty retouching and the cosmetic retouch which must, for their part, be less perceptible.

Photo editing

Manipulating pixels is an art. Behind a matte painting, a photomontage or a composition hides a digital artist. I like all aspects of my job, especially creative editing. One day I work with a photographer on a beauty retouch, the next day on a photo montage for a car ad. In any case, the editing must be discreet, see undetectable, the real magic operates when we are ecstatic in front of an image and we forget that it is the work of a magician or more precisely that of a professional photo retoucher.

High End Beauty RetouchHigh-End Beauty Retouching

The cosmetic retouching also associated with the beauty retouching. Most often it consists of removing imperfections on a face, such as a pimple, wrinkles or too much hair. The skin smoothing is an aspect of photo editing most in demand was editing. The golden rule is the right mix, a photo too retouched will seem artificial. Sometimes fashion photos also retouched to excess. Who has not noticed the fake photo of a younger celebrity 20 years and older? An experienced photo retoucher must make the difference and not push the editing to the extreme.

The retouching beauty of the face

The High-end beauty retouching removes and reduces dark circles, and moles and scars. It can also smooth the skin and reduce wrinkles. It is also possible to change the proportions of the face and change the color of the teeth, eyes, and hair.

Beauty retouch for girls and women

The facial beauty retouch for women can change some aspects of the face. It can tan the skin, change the proportions of the face or thin the face. Beauty retouch can change the proportions between the eyelid and the crease of the eyelid. A small distance between the two is often more advantageous. Dark, narrow eyebrows, long eyelashes, and dark circles that are not visible are goals of beauty retouching, as well as high cheekbones, full lips, a narrow nose and not too many wrinkles. We offer a professional beauty touch up for girls and women.

The beauty retouch for men

The beauty retouch for men is different from the beauty retouch for women. High cheekbones, bare temples, a pronounced chin and a narrow neck and symmetrical and full lips are ideal. Wrinkles between the nose and the lips reduced by a professional beauty touch up.

High End Beauty RetouchThe beauty retouch of the body

As for the face, the beauty retouch can adjust the proportions of the body. Tattoos or love handles retouched by this service.