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Most American & European families tend to spend most of their savings after their shelter.  To protect it properly, it is vital to hire the best home insurance. And to make this as easy as possible and you make sure you have the best market price, we offer you our comparator home insurance, with which you can in just one minute compare prices and coverage of more than 10 insurers home.

Unlike car insurance, home insurance is not compulsory recruitment by law. However, most homeowners are aware of the importance of ensuring their heritage, and therefore, have a policy, which however is not always the most fitting choice in price and coverage.

In our comparison of home insurance policies, we have segregated into two types: base and bonus policies. The base policy only ensures the mainland housing (this is the contract requiring banks). while the policy plus ensures both the continent and the content of the home. Both types of policies also include coverage for liability to cover damage to third parties or material goods.

In addition to hiring a policy that covers the continent of your home, as requested by banks to customers who have contracted a mortgage, it is appropriate to extend this coverage with the same content and protect against damage caused by water damage electrical installation or theft.

What is the continent and what is the content of a home?

It is understood by continent: fixed installations of water, gas, electricity, heating, cooling …; ceilings, floors, walls, windows and blinds, bathrooms, garages, swimming pools, gardens, outbuildings and storage rooms.

It is understood by content: furniture, appliances, personal items, jewelry and objects of special value.

When perform benchmark your home insurance is important to conduct a proper assessment of the building and contents, since in case of loss, the compensation may not cover all the damages or could be paying a higher premium your insurance a theoretical higher than the actual value of the home, which in practice you will not receive compensation. Therefore we recommend that once you have chosen the company that interests you in our comparator, you contact one of his advisers, providing your default topdoma.com, to quickly recover your data and will help ensure that the chosen values They are the most appropriate.

home insurance
home insurance