Lipstick is essential to enhance your makeup.

However, lipstick with all the colors and textures proposed. It is not always easy to know which one to choose. Here are some tips to get a pro makeup lip.


Creamy Lipstick:
Perfectly hydrates the lips.

Its disadvantage: if it guarantees a perfect hydration, its creamy texture can sometimes overflow and drool. Even if one of the latest trends of the podiums is to overflow lipstick deliberately.

The matte lipstick:

Its asset: once applied, it is quiet for several hours, no need to make alterations. It’s perfect for a dinner or an evening out!.

Its disadvantage: unlike the creamy lipstick, the mat dries. It is therefore well hydrated before applying its lips. To avoid having a “flaky” effect not very glamorous.

Liquid lipstick:

Its asset: a range of bright color.

Its disadvantage: it is a bit complex to apply.

lipstick-chooseThe lip pencil

It’s asset: it hydrates and it is perfect for drawing the contour of the lips.

Its disadvantage: the colors are less intense than in the other lipsticks. It can be used for a sober makeup.

The Lip Ink

It’s asset: a nude, more natural effect.

Its disadvantage: just like the matte lipstick, the lip ink is not at all moisturizing. A lip balm is applied before application. Always to avoid the rocky effect of the lipstick on the dry lips.


For Dry Lips :

A special lip exfoliation is performed once a week to soften them (exfoliating lip balms are also available). If we do not have it in our cupboards, do not panic. A little honey on a toothbrush that we rub delicately on our lips does very well.

For a better rendering of the lipstick, one hydrates daily its mouth. Especially during the cold seasons in autumn and winter!

If you like natural tips, do not hesitate to consult our many recipe ideas beauty. To treat the cracks and to repair the lips all smoothly.

For a perfect application:

A “primer” (a base that moisturizes and allows a better hold of the makeup). To unify the color of the lips before putting its lipstick with transparent powder or a little foundation is put

For a flawless outline :

With the same color the periphery of the mouth is carefully marked with a lip liner. Starting with the “V” of the upper lip and then the middle of the lower lip.

For a truly natural look :

The lipstick is simply applied to the fingers.


make-up-lipstickIf you want to be connected with the trends of the moment, test:

-The tone pink (perfect for the day). The nuances wet soil (ideal for an evening) and hue ” apricot ” (THE color this summer).

  • The brilliant and XXL effect of the mouth with a touch of gloss. Illuminator in the middle of the lips.

  • Matt lipstick, always at the forefront of trends. Little more: it is intensified with a little liquid gloss.

  • “Fuzzy” mouth: We know that the lipstick is applied only to the heart of the lips. It spread slightly on the sides, to stretch the material. It perfectly contoured mouth is timeless. This new trend comes on strength on the catwalk.