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insurance fraud
insurance fraud

Insurance Fraud

On occasion we have witnessed a fraud and if we mix it with the word Insurance! The insurance fraud is growing year after year in both quantity and quality of the offense.

But it is true that in some cases fraud somehow, as it were, can be justified.

Is it normal Insurance fraud?

We do not want a moral debate about whether it is normal or not insurance fraud. As we saw in this article, we all lose whenever a fraud is.

Nor do we intend to encourage any crime! As we say if or if fraud is wrong, is a crime and punishable by law.

But we will see a case in which there can only be two reasons for committing it. Or be literally crazy (being a psychopath) or be truly needed. In any case it will notify either case should not be quite right in the head to do what he did.

A fact, a fact intended

Although it is an actual fact we will give data that can be invented or not. We talk about Diego, a parent who under the despair of not being able to cope with mortgage payments, food and what is life itself, sees a way out of this situation planning a fraud on the insurer.

Although in his life he had never committed insurance fraud after five years on the dole and acabarsele all subsidies, about to be on the street could not afford the mortgage heard in a bar a conversation between a group of people talking about fraud committed an insurer in a simulated traffic accident.

Diego, pretending to read the newspaper in the bar at a table do not seem to pay any attention. But on the contrary, is almost taking notes of everything they have done.

Go to “Internet” and read more about it, the issue of insurance fraud. Study both plan what has happened in the head is really crazy, but is convinced to do so. Cutting a hand!

Some insurance take care of everything

The protagonist of our story, Daniel, performs different life insurance and accident insurance with different brands. In the various insurance contracts also employs different coverages and rates.

S arrives on the reported day or the day of Insurance. It’s your day. With all the courage and no sanity hand cut. Let’s make a stop on the true story and let us realize what we talked about; to cut a hand!!!

Once cut the hand takes the car and goes to a landfill. In the same place a metal ruler on the accelerator and try to “cause” of the accident. Once the car pulled up the embankment introduced in the gasoline and ignited.

With these acts Daniel are sure to have done. Nothing escapes him, or so he thinks.

Insurers are not dumb

Every day the insurers invest more in investigating fraud. Thanks to the investment in new departments in these cases has been clearly seen that promotion is highly recommended. A good fraud department saves a lot of money to the company.

They investigated the accident, and saw clearly that it was a fraud in the making. Our friend Daniel was not only no hand but caused a traffic accident with the loss caused and the joke goes him to spend six years in imprisonment and a fine of 3,600 Euros.

As would be desperate protagonist of this story for the same cut your hand? Usually here in US we can see TV characters who do anything on TV earn money, often embarrassing things. but cut a hand to get money? What coolness of Daniel.

Maybe if I’d had the same cold blood cut your hand to get money from any other legal form; sure he had succeeded. But no, he chose this option … what circumstances would be happening?

insurance fraud