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legal expenses insurance
legal expenses insurance

Legal Expenses Insurance | Insurance

The legal expenses insurance; The unknown. Usually, we used to hire a car insurance from home or even health insurance. The more daring to have a sure your mobile!

But it never hurts to legal expenses insurance, insurance that may be used when claiming any disputes as to cover attorney’s fees, rates, and fees, in addition to the assistance and legal advice.


Currently, there are many cases where the legal advice is needed to file a claim and subsequent complaint, it would be easier to forget the procedure if it has the service of legal expenses insurance.

A little history on legal expenses insurance

A direct antecedent of the legal expenses insurance back in the ‘Contract Management Services’ which is practiced in France in the nineteenth century about. Here he had to take disputes that could have subscribers.

This insurance grabs a great expansion in Central Europe, reaching up specialized companies in defense and claims, so after World War aroused great interest in taking Cias General Insurance coverage within their legal defense.

In Europe, this type of insurance just becomes incorporated in the 40s as being included in the supplementary motor insurance, providing coverage on the criminal defense of the insured and claims for damages, provided that the car does not have coverage own damage.

As early as 1954 about the situation of the demand for this type of insurance, the Law on Private Insurance granted the registration of any of the companies of legal defense in the Register of Insurance.

Insurance Legal Defense

It is insurance that protects the insured against lawsuits that may have, depending on the conditions agreed in the insurance policy. Therefore requires that the insurer provides services of legal aid and advice to the insured person and bear the expenses it incurs it, like cats for attorneys’ fees and rates, provided they do not exceed the limits within the contract.

Coverages and exclusions of insurance Legal Defense

Although the coverage and exclusions will depend on the insurance company that is hired. There are some risks that are usually covered and a major is based on covering the costs that may arise to the insured as a result of their involvement in the judicial process. Here are the general points that the policy can cover legal expenses insurance.

The claims in the field of housing and the repair, maintenance, annoying, and other community issues. Typically, home insurance is included in the coverage of this type.

The necessary expenses arising to seek compensation for damages the insured has suffered both personally and their property and they are out of a contractual relationship.

Claims on labor issues, where the defense and claims of the insured as a worker and conflicts that are related to domestic service included.

In criminal defense of the insured and in a civil conflict, while the liability is covered by a specific insurance, unless the case of administrative offenses.

Conflicts consumer problems, as supply contracts, sale of goods and the like.

In fiscal matters, although this is usually limited because if a claim for the insurance tax assets not usually cover the procedures of other taxes such as inheritance, VAT and others are made.

Within the general exclusions from insurance we are:

The claims against financial institutions.

Issues in family law.

Fines or compensation for any expenses caused by sanctions imposed on the insured by the judicial or administrative authorities.

Types of Legal Expenses Insurers

Insurance for car driver

This type of insurance usually covers protection of the driver or any occupant to a mishap that he may suffer. It also includes coverage in case of loss of the cards.

Private insurance or family

This insurance covers the insured’s defense on topics of personal injuries suffered by his family or financial benefit in the event of divorce. Besides drafting contracts and documents.

Insurance companies or autonomous

This insurance allows claims for unpaid fees or invoice, including all extrajudicial efforts that may arise. It also provides the company or autonomous as regards the rights to social benefits.

Insurance for owner communities

This insurance can help the residents of a community, can claim under the provision of services or property damage as the cases of unpaid contributions to the community.

legal expenses insurance
legal expenses insurance