Life Insurance Features |Types of them

life insurance features
life insurance features

Life Insurance Features

Here we will discuss life insurance features. Life insurance is one of the most “greedy” insurance products and mediators. The reason is the high level of economic benefits it gives. That is one reason why the life insurance advertising is becoming more creative and ingenious day. But as the title says, what are the types of life insurance / life insurance features? Check them out clearly.


What are the types of life insurance / life insurance features ?

Life insurance is divided into three groups:


The most common are these features of insurance. It is that when the insured dies payment is guaranteed policy designees who have said the insured.

If the insured lived before the expiration of the contract, it is understood and is terminated any consideration by the insurer.

Additional coverage can be contracted are:

Disability: Disability is that apart from the death cover also covers a disability or disability of the insured.

 Accidents: in life insurance is not all rosy. It does not surprisingly have reasons that should not be liable for the claim. That is why this coverage arises, the accident is that an additional benefit is hired provided that in the case there is no place for death to natural causes, but has been produced by any kind of accident.

This type of life insurance is called, “risk insurance”. Ensure capital or income in case of death of the insured.

Survival Insurance

One of its main features is that when the insured lives at the end of the contract the beneficiary or beneficiaries are guaranteed the payment of the contract.

Keep in mind that this type of life insurance has tax benefits and are commonly known as “savings insurance”.

Within this type of life insurance, savings insurance can be divided into: Unit-linked insurance. This type of life insurance is that the policy assumes the investment risk thereof, that is, the result of the investment.

Annuities: in this features the potential to receive an annuity for every year of his life.

Mixed insurance:

There is ham, cheese there and of course … the mixed arose!!!

As the name suggests paying death as the payment is combined by maturity insurance.

As we can see in life insurance there is only one type of insurance, but there are plenty of modes, features, requirements … as in auto insurance or home they have divisions and subdivisions.

life insurance features
life insurance features