Life Insurance | Responsibility for your family

Why hire a life insurance?

Do not neglect the life insurance. Now that the good weather is more than normal to see everything in a more positive way. We seem to forget some of the risks that we may happen.

There may be rare cases where the subject does not worry the user. For example, it could be the case that the economic situation is more than good, excellent. It has saved money and assets that assures the same, in case of disability due to accident or illness, which can continue to maintain their standard of living and welfare without further work or death if their children can follow the same standard of living, to continue studying in the same schools or universities, etc. even though their mother or father are gone.

You’re not Robert de Niro

It comes to my mind the curious story of Robert de Niro view blog movie reviews, commenting that when De Niro was preparing for the film Taxi Driver. He did it thoroughly, among other things, obtained a driver’s license and devoted several days to walk the streets of New York real driving a taxi during the night shift.

De Niro won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for The Godfather II just a year before.

If anything had happened while preparing for the role in the taxi, Robert “would” worry that their income level. Imagine…

But you are normal! You must be responsible

When asked why hiring a life insurance I have to answer that it is absolutely necessary. Not having life insurance is irresponsible.

If you are “a regular guy” it is very common to present these features:

– Average purchasing power / low

– Live “more or less” a day

– Not have much money saved

– Having mortgage

– Have any other credit

– Have family (wife and children)

If you have any or many of these features and have an accident or stop imagine how we die, in that situation, those who most want!

It is your responsibility to worry for you and your family and have a good life insurance.


Some features of life insurance

There are professions that are considered more dangerous than others; this obviously increases the life insurance. We’ll see some of this later.

Age is also a factor:

life insurance
life insurance

The higher age has the greater the amount due.

In the case of suicide, as the most controversial case we have to know if the policy covers this death unless otherwise agreed in the insurance policy. It means suicide and voluntary death consciously produced by the insured.

Not cover suicide, if it occurs within a year since the policy was contracted if it occurs after the first year if that would be covered.

Other cases not covered by the life insurance are:

Aviation: not cover if the insured was the pilot of the aircraft. If covered if the insured is a passenger.

Death caused by the recipient: in the event that the death was caused directly by the beneficiary of the policy will not pay compensation.

Other cases: deaths are not covered by nuclear radiation, occurring in submarine navigation and parachute descents (are only covered if the decline is justified by emergency aircraft).

But you can expand coverage. This type of insurance coverage can extend a little more money.