You know the pleasure of putting on a good thick cotton T-shirt.

Wearing thick T-shirt, you feel the nobility of matter. You become aware of the attention needed to make such a T-shirt.

It is a product that has a soul.

The problem is that a thick T-shirt today is almost impossible to find.

Like you, I missed it I had the nostalgia for these vintage t-shirts. And that’s what inspired me to create GoudronBlanc and its collections of Men’s T-shirts.

Find out why thick T-shirts are worth it. (I’ll also tell you where you can find them.)

The military origin of the cotton T-shirt

What do we know about the T-shirt? Well, the origin of the T-shirt is a little blurry.

But here is what we are certain about its beginning:

The cotton T-shirt was an underwear. It was worn as a jersey by American soldiers. It is they, moreover, who have popularized the use in the United States and Europe, from the Second World War.

You can imagine that at the time the US Navy did not laugh with the quality. On the menu, a thick white cotton T-shirt. Though affordable, this underwear was obviously meant to resist in time.

Soon, underwear brands started producing T-shirts for the general public. It is in this category that you find the Hanes T-shirts or Fruit of the Loom:

In parallel, the T-shirt for men has been recognized as a real garment. He went from underwear to outerwear.

The nostalgia of the thick cotton T-shirt

Because of its comfort and its rebellious connotation, the T-shirt very quickly imposed itself in the men’s locker room.


It was the actors Marlon Brando and James Dean who made the T-shirt a “sexy” and rebellious garment. And of course, it did not happen with bad T-shirts.

The way of seeing the white T-shirt:

Why this nostalgia for the thick T-shirt?

This is because a thick T-shirt has a much better fit. And that is felt on your style.

It is very easy to dress well in a T-shirt heavy enough.

Look again at the look of Steve McQueen: a white T-shirt (thick), a clear chino, and white sneakers.

” So simple .”

“[T-shirt] is such a simple piece that you have to bet on quality so that it stands out: beautiful cut and beautiful material.”

To have a good look in T-shirt, you need a beautiful material.

What materials to choose for a thick T-shirt?

I hear you already ask:

“But … a thick T-shirt, will not it make me sweat?”

The story of the T-shirt was above all a story of sweating. It has been used to absorb and reduce sweating under uniforms and shirts. So it will not be a problem, as long as you choose the right materials

Here they are :

If you choose the material well, you will not worry (except perhaps in the case of a heat wave).

“Given that the T-shirt is in direct contact with the skin, I strongly advise against synthetic materials.”

So, opt for natural materials. This includes cotton, linen, hemp, or mixtures such as cotton-linen.


For a traditional T-shirt, choose a knit jersey. It is “the classic mesh of the T-shirts” as specified by the fashion.

Men’s Heavyweight T-Shirt


You understand :

Choosing a thick cotton T-shirt means choosing a quality T-shirt.

To sum up, the grammage of a T-shirt of good quality is from 160g / m2. This indicates that you are dealing with a high-end mesh.

For example, the tar tarts like Black carbon t-shirt (above), are all 100% organic cotton jersey with a weight of 190g / m2. This guarantees a very high-quality fabric.