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Money insurance
Money insurance

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University studies, training … everything you need to know to dive in the insurance world. Make money insurance, try hard and get your best.

Money insurance
Money insurance

Make Money Insurance; It is very possible!

Can you imagine winning $ 75,000 for six months of work? And you would think you had to do that work in an island paradise? Do you think it’s possible?

All right; because if it is possible! This is or rather works in a job that published a report to work on their premises. Their job would be to clean the pool, maintain a blog, a journal with pictures and videos … a very pleasant job! Those interested had to meet the requirement to speak and write English correctly. This was in the Hamilton Island

Now, is it possible to secure a job like? We have asked Udimaspecifically Antonio, Maria, Carmen and Lucia; when we did the question smiling. The university, studying is the key!

NOTICE TO MARINERS; this post is neither promoted nor supported! Only once again we seek professionals we spoke to give the most accurate information possible!

Udima is the Open University of Madrid; synonymous with good professionals; synonymous with good people! They have been with us a great deal. We have attended and reported great.

Anyway, we asked them if it was possible that behind a smile and told us, why not? Obviously not talked to the above offer, but Money insurance! Everything depends on the position you occupy or in the case of commercial portfolio you have.

But things first … What do I need to work on money insurance?

We talked about it in this post; now we go deeper. The Law 26/2006 , of July 17, Mediation of Private Insurance and Reinsurance, requires the Department of Insurance to establish a framework and basic principles that must be met courses and training programs in the field of private insurance, so that these curricula to ensure proper qualification for the exercise of the activity of mediation of private insurance and reinsurance.

The summit is halfway


That headline is Visteurs Ed , Ed is the first American, and 12th in the world rankings to reach the 14 mountains over 8,000 meters, known as ochomiles. All peaks were reached without oxygen equipment, being the sixth person to do so.

As Ed said, not all come … there is a way to go.

The Directorate General of Insurance establishes three levels:

. Group A: training for individuals Your job will be to be linked insurance agents, insurance brokers and reinsurance; you also need this level of training for the least half of the people within the management bodies of legal entities, insurance agents linked, bank insurance operations linked and, in any case, people who exercise technical direction. The tied agent is an agent that does not have exclusivity with a single insurance company, but can mediate insurance for clients with several companies. It is obviously the opposite of an exclusive agent (which enables to group B).

To access the Group A title, you have superior or equivalent Bachelor’s.

Group B: exclusive insurance agents, individuals, at least half of the people who make up the management of legal persons exclusive insurance agents, at least half of the people who make up the governing body of operators exclusive bank insurance and, in any case, to exercise the technical direction of all of them; people who make up the distribution network operators bank insurance and employees of insurance intermediaries and reinsurance, always functions attributed to them for advice and assistance to customers and directly involved in insurance mediation or reinsurance.

To access the B grade must have to have the title of ESO.

Group C: mandatory training for external auxiliary insurance intermediaries or reinsurance, to employees of any class of insurance intermediaries or reinsurance performing auxiliary functions of customer acquisition or administrative procedures, without providing advice or assisting clients in the management, implementation or execution of contracts in case of disaster. In this educational level, any previous qualifications for implementation are not required.

To access any previous qualifications degree C, it is not required.

It should easily be acquired for Seneca’s life

If Seneca said that something would be! This training is executed blended. Once again, technology is the great service through a platform of tele training. Eye is blended, it means that even if you put it easy and can you tick off your schedule have the obligation to attend campus classes monthly.

Is all life learning?

Our recommendation from the World’s Best Insurance is yes! All life is a continuous learning in the world of insurance. Whether you’re Claims Administrator, or manage commercial expansion. You do not stop learning … But back to the issue of different levels of insurance training will tell you that the Level A lasts 12 months Level B, C 6 months and 2 months.

Now; do you want to win these $ 75,000? You know; study, learn and work! We are sure that if you put your mind make it! Why not?

As we said at the beginning, this post is not sponsored by the University Udima, to study more insurance options. We show this university by the reception we’ve had and how well we have advised. There are more roads; you should look for your, according to your needs.

Once again we ask for your opinion! Do you know you made any progress with this? How did it go? Your opinion is based learning experience for us all!