Online degrees are an excellent opportunity for undergraduate students, in a wide range of academic disciplines.

Online education program for future students with extracurricular commitments are available now. This is really ideal for those candidates for online degree education. In addition, those who wish to study at universities that are at a distance. If they can not travel to the campus can also obtain a degree from their preferred university through an Online Degree.

Distance learning programs are more popular than ever. These digital learning technologies have made them a viable option. Remember that an online degree education programs provide the same title as the students on campus programs.

Popular Online Master Programs

An online Master’s degree is a postgraduate qualification awarded to students. With advanced knowledge in a particular area of study or professional activity sector. An online Masters programs offer additional advantages. This including a broad and deep course offer, flexibility, convenience and economic savings.

online-degreeYou will get all the benefits of a traditional Master’s degree. From Business to Biology and from Energy to Engineering, there is an online Masters program ideal for you. Whatever your academic discipline. Art, Natural Sciences, Law and Professional Studies are just a few of the categories of distance masters. These include hundreds of programs and areas of expertise.

The variety of Master programs can be overwhelming – do not let that stop you. Start your search by reading about the most popular Master programs listed below.

Newly Added Online Master Programs

Advanced Club Management Program

This program is very suitable for managers involved club management. They need to validate their existing club management skills. They also looking to enhance their current knowledge and skills to advance their career line.

This program is designed for existing golf supervisors and managers. It’s main focus to track their knowledge, skills and learn industry best practice. The management degree that incorporates best practice principles for use in the club management industry.

The content of the study has been chosen to reflect the educational needs of the golf course. It also about club management industry, covering a wide range of club management issues. These bring a lot of help for managers in the current business climate. This Advanced Diploma program is exclusively supported by Golf Management Australia (GMA).

The program is relevant to people in positions in clubs such as General Manager. Also Home or Club Manager, Assistant Manager, Finance Manager, Operations Manager, Golf Field Superintendents or PGA Professionals.

The study of the Advanced Club Management program is done through distance learning online. These learning processes stand through e-learning platforms. This provides students with a flexible learning environment. Will help manage their distance study and time around current work commitments and other life commitments.

The qualification can help in the progression of race in the Club. Also in the level of General Manager. People include Australia and throughout the world can join this program. Upon successful completion of the study, students will graduate with the Advanced Diploma in Leadership and Management qualification.

Program Enrollment Fee – $ 10,000


This is a learning program from distance, entirely through online learning. Students will complete their study through the PGA e-learning platform, The Fairway.

Throughout the duration of the study, The fairway is your home as a student. At the fairway, you will find all of your e-learning resources. Such as your unit readings, assessment items. And the access point to your PGA IGI Program Manager. The evaluation items as part of the study are designed to benefit you in the club management environment.

Online-internet-educationDuring the program, the student will have access to webcasts and webinar sessions in selected competition units. The online education program delivered by industry professionals in their areas of expertise. Providing you with current industry trends and knowledge associated with the syllabus.


The Advanced Club Management Program provides specific business and management education for club managers. The content of the education program focuses on specific skills and knowledge. This special required by a club manager in today’s industry.

Providing additional education for future career development for students. The Advanced Diploma in Leadership and Management qualification consists of 12 competency units. Delivered in 4 study groups, focusing on the specific content of the industry such as:

The Advanced Diploma in Leadership and Management qualification consists of 12 competency units. These education programs are delivered in 4 study groups. Focusing on the specific content of the industry such as:

  • Financial Management
  • Strategic planning
  • Club Marketing
  • Leadership and team management
  • Business planning
  • Normative compliance
  • Sustainability of the Club

Throughout your study, you have contact with a dedicated PGA IGI Program Administrator. They will be your point of contact for the duration of your study. As you progress through the 12 units of study.

All students who study the qualification have the opportunity to apply for a direct credit. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for the Advanced Diploma in Leadership and Management. The course duration for the Advanced Diploma in Leadership and Management is a maximum of two years.


Advanced Diploma of Management program is open throughout the year. New students able to begin their chosen monthly intake through submitting their application.

Please follow the entry requirements for the Advanced Leadership and Management Diploma are:

Completion of Australia Year 12 studies, or higher education qualifications.

18 years old and over By 2017,

tickets for new students will begin as follows: