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pet insurance
pet insurance

Pet Insurance | Safe for animals

We accept octopus as a pet for our pet insurance.

Pets, like people, can be secured, and is that rare or unusual it may seem there are also safe for dogs, cats and other pets.
Some think pet insurance is a rare safe … see that is not so.

My client is a dog!

It is not uncommon to see as different insurance companies have already as “clients” to dogs, cats and other pets, offering them the best possible coverage for any risk.

Third party damage, liability, accident, illness, a series of words and terms related to insurance world that not only affect people, but also our beloved animals.

Do all animals are insurable?

That is the million dollar question, what animals are included in the insurance? The most common animals, and therefore the most often hear words that are insured are dogs (the now famous insurance for dogs) and cats, but also some animals, such as horses enjoy a special insurance policy.

Do not forget to note that some countries have insurance for exotic pets, such as turtles, lizards and chameleons.

In the case of USA, it is increasingly the presence of these animals increased, and that exotic birds, snakes, lizards and turtles are moving a while now dogs and cats as pets.


pet insurance
pet insurancece,

What is pet insurance?

In the market, we can find companies that insure only one pet, such as dog (again safe for dogs); or else companies that have an insurance coverage on more than one animal, dog, cat and exotic animals. To be clear, not complicate something that in principle can be complex to explain how it is that is pet insurance, we say that basically is quite similar to Health Insurance people but is tailored to what your pet product needs. Thus, what insurance companies offer our pets are the following benefits.

  • Liability Coverage: Liability of the owner for damage caused to third parties your pet, to the maximum compensable to appear in the policy of.
  • The pet is lost: In case of loss, companies help find your pet including location and lodging expenses.
  • Accident or illness of the pet: The pet companies provide the best veterinary care. In case of death, the costs are covered to facilitate as much as possible this process. Thus, the payments of slaughter and disposal costs of the corpse by accident, disease or old age are covered.
  • In case of hospitalization: There are companies that offer reimbursement of the dog or cat stay in a residence or place for this reason.
  • In case of theft: Compensation value of the stolen animal.

Now approach the holidays, and certainly and unfortunately time when many pets and pets are involved employed in cases of accidents, loss, theft, and hospitalizations. Knowing of the existence of the insurance companies cover, there is no excuse for our pets are insured, and according to our needs, we offer the best insurance that suits both us and the pet.