Pop Aye has a fantastic drama movie trailer. It is a 2017 Singaporean-Thai drama movie. It is a debut feature directed and written by Kirsten Tan. The road movie says is the story of a man as he tries to take his long-lost elephant back to their rural home city. It is the 1st Singaporean movie selected to screen at the Sundance. The movie competed and won a Special Jury Prize in the World Cinema Dramatic Competition section of the 2017 Sundance Film Festival. Tan’s success at following her dreams and interests in movie making was mentioned in Parliament in April 2017 by Ong Ye Kung. The Minister for as he highlighted the need for parents in allowing their children to pursue their interests.


In this trailer we saw a man and his elephant walk into a bar: well, not quite — but close. POP AYE is the story trying to say is a successful Bangkok architect whose late-midlife crisis leads him to an encounter with the elephant (Pop Aye). With whom he spent an idyllic childhood in the Thai countryside. Together they embark on a road tour to deliver both man and beast to their roots.


But the local police cite him for his has no permit to travel with an elephant. A transgender sex worker joins with him in a karaoke duet at a wayside dive and a possibly delusional, poetic, pauper offers companionship. But the main star is the huge guy: Popeye lumbers along with great homage and endless fortitude. He is the middle of a funny, mysterious and often absurd world that while seemingly special to Thailand is, finally, not unlike our own.

Let’s Introduce with Industry Leading  partner :

  1. Director: Kirsten Tan
    2.  Writer: Kirsten Tan
    3.  Actors: Penpak Sirikul, Thaneth Warakulnukroh
  2. Genre: Foreign, Drama,
  3. Run Time: 1 hour 42 minutes
  4. Release Date: June 28th, 2017