cruise trip

There are two ways to do this. Either you are perfectly organized and you start to prepare your luggage at least one week before departure.

For your cruise trip, you have a carefully prepared list. You master the most subtle techniques of saving space. Like slipping your rolled socks in your shoes for example.

There’s also a more casual way of doing things. Such as throws a bunch of clothes on the fly in a bag. Just hours before departure and yet never forgets anything.

Your experience has certainly taught you that what you take with you. More importantly, what you do not carry?  Can have a real influence on how your cruise and your Serenity on board will go.

1# Learn About Dress Codes

Some of you enjoy elegance and do not design a cruise without honoring the gala evening. Yet today, most passengers, if they dress especially for the occasion. Prefer a simple outfit: men’s costume and silk dress or pantsuit for women. The irony is that the more luxurious the cruise, the more relaxed the style will be.

Dress-Codes-cruise-shipBut if you like to put yourself on your thirty-one, do not spoil your pleasure. Do as you like! For those who love elegance. Most cruise lines offer tuxedo rental services (ask before you leave).

And for those who are allergic to any idea of the ceremony. It is always possible to sulk the evening of the commander. Choose to eat at the buffet or have you delivered to your room.

2# Look after the contents of your hand luggage

In the bag that will not leave you, consider bringing in spare clothes. The medications you need and your toiletries.

It happens, some of you have suffered, that your suitcase is lost by the airline. With a well-designed carry-on baggage. You will have with you the necessary for the first days. Before your misplaced luggage is delivered to you in a next post.

In addition, luggage picked up on arrival at the ship may take some time to be brought to your cabin. With a well-designed carry-on luggage, you can immediately enjoy the boat. Activities without waiting impatiently for the arrival of your suitcase.

3# Your favorite care products will not be waiting for you in your cabin.

Of course, you will always find basic toiletries in the bathroom, soap, shampoo and sometimes a body cream. But the samples offered will always be limited and will not match your favorite brand.

Sometimes you will have to settle for a liquid soap dispenser of unknown origin, which is also used as a shampoo. If you are attentive to your skin and like the sweetness of your favorite brands, think of making them a small place in your suitcase.

cruise-ship-luxury-cabinIf you are a fan of blow dryers, be aware that most cruise lines provide a hairdryer in your cabin. No need to take yours, some companies forbid it!

4# Make your little laundry

If you really want to travel light, you can spend a quarter of an hour in the evening doing your laundry in your cabin. Think of bringing laundry (there are small packages today) and limit yourself to light clothing (underwear, T-shirts, …) at the risk of seeing your cabin turned into clothes rack! Beware, some companies, such as MSC or Costa, will forbid you the use of the iron and will be able to confiscate to you the time of the cruise. You can also take away a spray of textile deodorant, such as Febreze, to give a day more to your clothes.


If not, the simplest is the laundry service, which exists on board all the boats: for a few euros, your clothes will be made fresh and ironed. Some companies, like Costa, even offer laundry promotions at the end of the cruise where, for about twenty euros, you can wash up to 25 pieces.

5# The bathrobe

Unfortunately, it is increasingly unusual to find a bathrobe in your cabin … But it’s worth checking out before you leave: on MSC boats, for example, you will find them from the balcony cabins but not from Costa Which furnishes them only in the sequel. Note, however, that these are not gifts that you can carry away as a souvenir! If you dream of hanging it in your bathroom, you will be charged expensive.

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