Real Life Insurance | True story


Real Life Insurance | True story

Comes a story, unfortunately, real life Insurance. It is these true stories that unfortunately are sad.

real life insurance
real life insurance

It meets several characters; banks, small print, lack of counseling …

So the story begins on Real Life Insurance

A full life with its ups and downs with a family who one day decides to buy an apartment, buy a dream with an excellent relationship with the bank for a lifetime.

Among the shopping list that the bank requires you to perform such as the home insurance, cards … things that tell you that you have to have and of course; called real life insurance.

They decide to do two Real life insurance, one for each partner by half the value of the mortgage, or possibly one with the value of the total.

At that time all document signatures that put you in front without knowing what firms or hedge is, only if you sell something happens sometime that God forbid, I would cover for him to stay that has paid the debt contracted with the bank.

Here apart from the “user” is confused and not see what you are signing is a clear bad advice indicating that this insurance covers everything you can pass. And of course, to fulfill your dream, so you get the mortgage, the “clueless users” sign anything you put him ahead.

In these cases, you fill out a health questionnaire, if they know they will not even one of the questions, there are no rogues and you must tell the truth in this questionnaire. Read it several times; even contact a mediator which, although not his insurance will “faith” that what you’re signing coincides with what you think you are signing. It is important to tell the truth because if you have a disease, for example, the insurance will first thing you do is check that is not before the insurance contract. The bank in this case will put you thousands of obstacles before you know one euro. Moreover, even though you’ve told the truth, you have to prove that this has been, if you want to collect what is yours.

True, not all insurers but in this case we are talking about a bank! Eye!

“I did not look at the price of insurance” only sign the contract and pay religiously paid for 12 years. Two insurance years, Every time I came insurance, cost us a lot of work the pay, sweat and tears, but think: Is it for a good case “!

There comes a sinister

During these years, you never think that something can happen to you, but my life was cut short one day, nothing had to happen but the capricious nature offered us the joy of the birth of a child, yet the bitter taste of a dangerous disease which put at risk the life of my son and mine.

Influenza A fifty-six days in coma, two operations and five months in the hospital without knowing my son, life-long consequences … a number of stormy times I cannot recall without a shudder, prompting a girl who had been a lioness in life, he would become weak like a butterfly.

After a year, I decided to wake up from this terrible dream, ask my permanent disability, and when I got the acceptance by the INSS, I tried to collect my life insurance.

Total permanent disability for my usual profession.
very friendly talk with my Entity and they asked all medical reports, I would answer in a couple of weeks, and the smile of these people was different, saw them as in fear, but in any case I They told we could have problems.

Within a week I received a reply that left me perplexed, he contacted me safe (Extra Life Department), and a little girl or unkind told me that I did not cover it at all, I had a policy that covered a disability Total permanent and / or absolute.

My face was a poem, did not understand, he commented again and again that he had a permanent disability but she told me no, that was very clear … that had to be permanent and / or absolute, then understood, based on questions and crying, that not only I had to stay lame as I am but while in bed or dying, with little sensitivity, made me feel terrible, we go as if I had not spent five months in hospital life or death, I had a moment of unbridled rage, anger, sorrow … and they took advantage of this.

Low life insurance, both, the red carpet welcome of years ago, they took it away out of the blue and I stumbled to the ground … I asked and asked consumer associations, attorney, but they said I had one “clause” maltitol… that had little to do … continue to pay if he wanted, but as I said in that moment of rage and anger, I had the brilliant idea to stop paying the insurance without knowing the subsequent consequences that would lead me.

Nobody advised me, I felt very cheated and was not prepared to continue paying thieves Ali Baba, so I called the fourth and half stood and took my safe and my husband. Since I mentioned before he left to pay, but I insist on it because it is wrong.

I thought very bad, I later was no cover, I tried to get me a life insurance anywhere else but there were a thousand and one problems, seeing me with the inability asked me now, yes, reports to me safe and nobody wanted me secure. I found that kindness when signing the contract with the devil…

Not only did I lose the money I had paid, but all right, all coverages that are supposed to clear you covered. No insurer was going to offer life insurance, they would be mad…

This is the case of a / a wearer; call it Star and its history is the one you just read. When he sent me I was stunned. Their advice and ours, among others, are:

  • Read the fine print.
  • Look at all the clauses
  • Eye banks
  • Come back to read the fine print
  • Having an insurance adviser

His farewell in the mail was this: “I hope you find it helps this humble contribution and I wish you never go through what I went through, I put my two cents, I decided that this should not happen to anyone while I could tell me what happened. “

From here we can only thank their contribution Estrella. We did not expect the truth. I encourage you to send us your case with life insurance, home, car … you tell us your experience. Here not only you have a channel where all the thanks communicate but as your experience can be the basis for future relief of others.