What is an awesome movie trailer? RENDEL is a Finnish superhero movie and it is the very 1st full-extent superhero movie from Finland, and launch the world a fully new superhero Rendel. Rendel’s way to the big display has been long, but definite. The beginning of the tale goes way return to the Director Jesse Haaja’s schoolkid years. The movie preset to be released on 8 September 2017 (Finland).


17 years ago the superhero was born, when Haaja scratched down the 1st drafts of his own comic role. The idea of a dismal superhero and a section around it had been planted. Through the years the concept kept developing and restorative in Haaja’s mind, but remain, more or less, as a remote dream.


The young schoolkid didn’t know then that one day he would be introducing his superhero to the movie professionals all over the earth in the Cannes Film Festival. The Rendel movie is a tale of a man blinded by his wish for vengeance and hate. Even though Rendel can be deliberated as a super hero, he is something darker than the traditional delegates of the genre. The movie takes space in the fictionalized version of a Finnish town, Mikkeli.

Let’s Introduce with Industry Leading  partner:

  1. Director: Jesse Haaja
    2.  Writer: Jesse Haaja, Pekka Lehtosaari, Miika J. Norvanto, Timo Puustinen
    3.  Actors: Sheila Shah, Sami Huhtala, Enni Ojutkangas, Bianca Bradey, Jesse Haaja
  2. Genre:  Action, Fantasy
  3. Run Time: N/A
  4. Release Date: 8 September 2017 (Finland)