The washing machine is probably one of the most used household appliances.

loading-capacity-washing-machineWashing machine careful consideration of operations is profitable. Your most beloved clothes and textiles need a proper reading, so it is not the same type of washing machine you are buying. Is your apartment small? Is your economy great? How often do you wash laundry? Read the tips for buying a washing machine and choose the right one!

Before purchasing a new laundry machine, it is advisable to compare their features carefully.

  • The energy label classifies laundry detergents into seven consumption categories AG. Class A appliances consume the least amount of energy. The wash and liner results are also presented on the same scale.
  • It is worth comparing the water consumption of washing machines. Water can be more expensive than electricity.
  • Choose a machine of the right size, because washing the machine is uneconomical. Even though you can regulate the amount of water, electricity will still be as much as full-bodied.
  • Does the machine have a white wash program (90 degrees)? Washing heat-resistant linens with a program a couple of times a day, bleach the laundry and clean the machine without any additional chemicals.
  • Do you want a quiet washing machine? Compare machine descriptions.
  • There is a need for a sleeping bag. Some of the machines are missing, so the pile begins to accumulate in the drain.
  • Does the machine thread before flushing? In this case, the possible zeolite of the detergent will get into the clothing fibers and stay there.
  • If you are dry in a poorly ventilated bathroom, the spin speed of your machine should be 1200-1400 rpm. Efficient spin reduction reduces laundry moisture and reduces drying time.


Some basic you should know

One of the most important things about buying a new washer is its final placement. Many hope to place a tumble dryer on top of a washing machine, leaving the possibility of an overhead washing machine being left out.

Most of our washing machines are therefore front-loading.

If the machine has only a limited space – a full-featured cloth washer machine is a right solution. Therefore, you need to consider the amount of space available and also consider the space left by the machine door.Many accessories make washing easier.

For example, a platform for a washer machine raises of this machine to the optimum working height and allows a convenient space for storing detergents. The frame placed on the washing machine allows the dryer to be installed on the washing machine.

Most of the people make some mistake while using this machine. To avoid this common mistake happened all the time read this article about

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Selected frame designs have a pull-out level on top of which the laundry can be scratched quickly and conveniently. The rubber dinghy under the washing machine and the tumble dryer make the machines more stable and less vibration and less noise.

Remember that even a washing machine collects contaminants such as detergent residues and lime – especially if you wash at low temperatures such as 30 or 40 degrees. Impurities affect the efficiency of the machine, cause unpleasant odors and can shorten the washing machine life cycle.

You can prevent the emergence of pollutants by washing individual textiles such as towels at 90 degrees which is high enough to clean the interior of the machine. A regular washing machine detergent cleans bacteria and impurities efficiently.