When traveling to ski or snowboard, different contingencies may arise, such as accidents, losses on track, problems with luggage, illness or problems that may arise which compels us return to our place of origin, or to spend unforgettable days, but in the negative.

Such situations can have very high costs, apart from being very upset. It is therefore important to consider insurance for ski or snowboard. This form will allow you to travel to practice the sport in peace and be fully protected.

The ski insurance is importantWe do not know if Michael Schumpeter had insurance or not. The truth is that we do not want to be frivolous with the subject; but if we give it the importance of the matter. A squid insurance necessary is important.

Michael unfortunately, 45 years suffered a  Trauma severe in the head in a skiing accident  in the French Alps in Maribel on 29 December. In the bad, we know the purchasing power you have and somehow is “protected” .Although as we said, a claim of this kind is extremely bad so if you have money like you do not.

Honey, give us a break?

Each year more than one million Spaniards flock to the ski resorts in Spain, Andorra and the rest of Europe. This being that most ski insurance contract where it covers medical expenses up from classes or stolen sports equipment.

However, those insurance policies only cover in sports practiced in amateur ski resorts, recreation ally, during the time they remain open to the public.

Secure ski or snowboard normally tend to fit the users stay in the snow. They are usually classified by:

  • Daily Insurance
  • weekly Insurance
  • Annual Insurance
  • Insurance season. These dates will also depend on the opening of the ski resorts. Also, this type of insurance can be ordered individually or in groups.

General insurance coverage ski or snowboard

In each post that we discussed how difficult it is to even general insurance coverage . Each company or mediator will have its own general and / or specific coverage Some general toppings you can have are:

  • saves costs and ramp handling 
    • Medical assistance insured by accident or illness 
    • Moving the insured and family to hospital 
    • Transportation or repatriation of wounded or dead. 
    • Costs of stay in the family, hospitalization of the insured occur 
    • Compensation for loss of ski pass and ski lessons for repatriation. 
    • Compensation for permanent loss of luggage and ski equipment 
    • pharmaceutical or surgical costs 
    • Extensions of stay in hotel by prescription

These hedges are general in most insurers but always going to depend on a policy or another as we said at the beginning, as several offer the possibility of extending it with additional coverage and civil liability or the cancellation of the trip.

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On the other hand, the same could apply for insurance in the ski resort, because many of them are associated with insurers to provide the service; this is the most popular and most sports fan used to acquire insurance.

6 Tips for Safe Ski

We allow ourselves the luxury of giving you some tips when hiring ski insurance. But the truth is that nobody knows you better and meet your specific needs. Once again advise the advice of a professional who can inform you 100% correctly.

  • Subscribe to safe considering the chosen destination for skiing,it is in Spain or abroad, as it will be one of the major factors for the cost of the policy, in addition to the needs that may arise derived from an accident.
  • It must take into account the real capacities for skiing,because not everyone has the same and may be more prone to accidents.
  • The contract also depend on the duration of the trip for the activity.This being another factor in the cost of the policy although there are annual and seasonal.
  • If you are going to hire a tour package for this sport,it is advisable to ask if it includes this product, if so you have to ask the characteristics and conditions.
  • You can also subscribe to policies for winter sports, the cost will depend on the level of risk sports.

• In most ski resorts you can hire this type of insurance, offering different policies with the support of an insurer.

Do you need to hire ski insurance?

The answer clearly is yes! It is not mandatory but is recommended logically, highly recommended.

Practicing these snow sports can take three main risks:

1 cause harm to a third party

2 that a third party will cause damage

3 Let yourself go out injured.

Surely, never better, you do not pass anything because you’re going to enjoy a few days in the snow; but you did your would you play for the few euro’s?

Have you ever hired this insurance? Have you seen an accident at some point in a track of snow? Your comments and / or experience are lessons for us. I Tell us about it!