The Snowman movie trailer is really excellent. It is an upcoming British crime drama film. This movie was directed by Tomas Alfredson and written by Matthew Michael Carnahan and Hossein Amini, follows on a based on global bestseller novel by Jo Nesbø. The film cast stars Michael Fassbender, Rebecca Ferguson, Jakob Oftebro, Toby Jones, J.K. Simmons and Chloë Sevigny. The Snowman principal photography started on 18 January 2016 in Norway. The film preset will be released by Universal Pictures on 20 October 2017.


When an elite crime squad’s lead detective (Fassbender) investigates the disappearance of a victim of the first snow of winter, he fears an elusive serial killer may be active again. The story is about detective Harry Hole (Michael Fassbender) who investigates the vanishing of a lady whose pink scarf is found grappled around an ominous-looking snowman. In this trailer, we saw a boy finds his missing mom’s pink scarf wrapped around the neck of a sinister-looking snowman. Detective Harry Hole is called in to investigate and starts to suspect it’s the work of a serial murderer.


Let’s Introduce Industry Leading  Partner:

1.Director: Thomas Alfredson
2.  Writer: Matthew Michael Carnahan and Hossein Amini
3.  Actors: Michael Fassebender, Rebecca Furguson, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Val Kilmer, J.K. Simmons
4. Genre: Thriller
5. Run Time: N/A
6. Release Date: October 20th, 2017