The interminable heat wave that has been installed at your home has caused that tripled the sale of appliances to cool the environment inside the homes. If you are thinking of buying a fan, be sure to read this article.


best-pedestal-fanNot all fan are created equal. Most fans consist of blades, a deck unit, an engine or a power source, and structures to keep it vertical. But because of the diversity of designs and functions, not all fans fit this standard prototype. The tower fans feature a vertical deck unit where the cooling apparatus is stretched along the greater height of the tower.

Pedestal fans have a traditional blade and deck design attached to a vertical pole. Centrifugal fans, such as the Phoenix Centrifugal Air Motor, have blades oriented perpendicular to the stream flow, as opposed to the more typical axial design where the blades face the same direction as the air flow. Here are 5 fans who have been top sellers in their category for 2017.

There are many synonyms to express the cause of the suffocation that we feel in these days, a product of a heat wave that the experts say that it is of record. Damn the mania of time to beat their own records, by the way. But do not resign yourself to sweating and sweating. There are also many ways to combat this heat wave.

You can opt for an air conditioner, able to cool the air inside your house so that you spend even cold in midsummer. One last, right? Yes, but also dangerous. Keep in mind that this is not healthy at all. Medical authorities recommend that the temperature in homes is about 25 or 26 ° C. In summer there are thousands of sick casualties because of the air, not to joke the warning.

Another thing to keep in mind. Maybe your budget does not allow you to access air conditioning because it has cost you a lot to spend 15 days vacation. Or because the waiting list to install it is so long that it would arrive September and would continue without it. Do not worry, it is not all lost. There are cheaper cooling methods.

When referring to cheaper options I do not mean the fan. With the price, yes, but you will never have the stamina of our mothers and grandmothers, true champions of the matter. You can also try building your own handmade air cooler. However, if you want to not sweat at home like a roasted chicken, leave all solutions to a euro. You need a fan. And you’re not the only one because sales have tripled.


best-fanThe operation of a fan does not require much explanation. Thanks to the electric power they spin with a lot of speed blades (visible or hidden) that move the air near. There lies the main disadvantage with an air conditioner. The fans do not cool the air but move it. If you leave a fan running in a room and you leave, when you return the temperature will remain the same.

Eye, the one that does not cool the air of a room does not mean that they do not refresh you. If not, it would be ridiculous to buy one. A fan can make the temperature you experience lower by shifting the warm air around you. This favors the evaporation of sweat and allows the skin to transpire so that the sensation of heat decreases.

Advantages of the fan regarding the air conditioning

Normally, people think that an air conditioner is a lot better than a fan, that there is no color in the duel. This is true in the cooling capacity, in which the former wins by thrashing. But there are many points of comparison in which the victor is the apparatus of the rotating blades. Among the advantages include:

  • The first, as I said, lies at the lowest cost. Fans do not require installation, or if they need it, it’s fairly simple. Nor do they require the maintenance of air conditioners.
  • The lowest energy consumption. The use of a fan continuously consumes much less electricity than an air conditioner. At the price of light, it is not Turkey mucus.
  • Ease of use. Using a fan is so simple that it really is enough to plug it in and turn it on. Okay, it is true that there are devices with more functions that complicate the thing, but the basics of its operation can learn it to a little clever chimpanzee.
  • The adaptability. A fan can be moved to any room, or outside to help refresh a meal in the patio, for example. This is impossible with the conditioned air except for the portable type, the so-called penguins.
  • Say goodbye to bad odors. The ability of a fan to remove the smell of mold, dirt, cigarette, moisture, and so on, is far superior. You can also use the fan to dry a freshly painted wall in a little airy room.
  • In general, they are quieter devices.

The fan is compatible with air conditioning

fan-vs-air-conditioningI have already pointed out the lower energy consumption of the fan compared to air conditioning. Their combination can help to reduce the electric bill. How? Simply by placing a fan near an air device, as it will help the best dispersion of the cold air.

This is very useful because you can raise the temperature of the air several degrees without it is hotter. For every higher degree in the air, 6% of energy consumption is saved.