Versailles, August 1715. Once again from chasing, Louis XIV—magisterially translated by New Wave symbol and privileged Palme d’Or beneficiary Jean-Pierre Léaud—feels torment in his leg. A dangerous fever emits, which denotes the start of the anguish of the best King of France. Encompassed by a community of doctors and his nearest advocates who come in turns at his bedside detecting the approaching force vacuum, the Sun King battles to run the nation from his bed. In view of broad restorative records and the journals of the Duke of Saint-Simon and different subjects, The Death of Louis XIV is a wry neoclassical chamber dramatization, a work of immaculate enchantment by Albert Serra, one of the today’s most singular directors.


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  1. Director: Albert Serra
  2. Writer: Albert Serra, Theirry Louas
  3. Actors: Jean-Pierre Léaud, Patrick d’Assumçao, Marc Susini, Irène Silvagni, Bernard Belin, Jacques Henric, Vicenç Altaió, Olivier Cadiot, Philippe Crespeau, Gabriel Wanner
  4. Genre:Drama, Foreign
  5. Run Time: 1 hour 55 minutes
  6. Release Date:  March 31st, 2017