Background Removal Service

Background Removal Service helps to remove the bottom of a product photo. These service using tools such as-

  • Provide a multitude of benefits.
  • Simpler integration across social channels,
  • Increased focus on the product and
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But, you might not know how to proceed to eliminate the background of your photos yourself.

If you personally take care of the design tasks of your online store. You have several options at your disposal allowing you to the background removal process. Of course, there is Photoshop, but there are also several less complex, less expensive and more extensible alternatives.

Let’s take a look at the 3 best tools to eliminate the background of your product photos.

1. Paint.Net

If you use Windows and therefore do not have access to Preview. Do not worry; we also have something for you. is an application available as a free download that has a fairly large palette of tools. This allowing you among other things to easily remove the background of your desired photos.

Once your image is open in the program, select the “Magic Wand” tool. If your background is a solid color, the process will be much simpler. Using this tool, click somewhere on the bottom of your photo. The program will then delimit the background in its entirety.

Photo editing on

Part of your product may also be selected if you use this tool. In this case, you will need to access the top navigation bar and adjust the tolerance until your bottom is selected more accurately. If your background color is not united, you will probably have to repeat the process several times by adjusting the tolerance as you go.

Image editing on

Once most of your background is removed, zoom into the edges of your product to remove any parts of the background that may still be visible. You can clean the edges with the “Eraser” tool or the “Magic Wand” tool.

Retouch the edges of the product on

Once the edges of your image have been cleaned up, and you are ready to save it. Be sure to save it as a PNG file; because the JPEG format will cause the loss of transparency. Our cheap but professional photo retouching service can solve your problem.

2. Background Removal Service Preview for Mac

The overview is a default built-in application for all Mac operating systems and used to display images and PDFs. If you have a Mac, you probably use Preview constantly; but you might be unaware that the app is also used to edit images and eliminate backgrounds.

photo editing on preview

In the interface, by clicking on the rectangular icon of the “Selection” tool at the top left of the markup toolbar, you will access a drop-down menu displaying several selection options to remove the background. a photo.

Background removalYou will need to use the tool “Smart Lasso”, which will allow you to delimit in an approximate and fast way the outline of your product. The program will then be responsible for establishing a more precise border between the product and the background.

In background removal service, the professional click “Edit” and then “Invert Selection”. The program will then select all the elements of the image, apart from your product. Finally, all you have to do is press the “Delete” key to get your product picture on a transparent background.

image editing on preview

Preview also features the “Instant Alpha” tool. Once you have selected it in the markup toolbar (this is the magic wand-like icon), you just have to click on the bottom and define more precisely the area you want to delete. dragging the pointer. The color of certain areas of the image will vary to allow you to refine your selection. Once the desired zone is selected, press the “Delete” key to eliminate it.

The Instant Alpha tool selects similar areas in color and contrast. Therefore, it may not be suitable if your background is complex or overloaded. But, in terms of speed, it allows you to select and eliminate the background of an image incredibly fast.

However, in terms of photo editing power, Preview arrives far behind Photoshop. It will only allow you to eliminate the background, crop, and resize; but, if you’re working on Mac, this is a good free option that you already have access to.

3. Photoshop for Background Removal Service

Adobe Photoshop is the photo editing software of choice for creative people around the world.

While the other tools on this list are free and therefore lighter in terms of functionality. This is not the case with Photoshop for background removal. A monthly subscription of $10 is required to use Photoshop as part of the Creative Cloud Suite. Nevertheless, if you want to retouch your images with a highly professional tool, Photoshop will fulfill all your needs.

It will be necessary to use 2 different selection tools:

Magic wand: This tool will help us delimit the outline of our product on the image (a shoe). Even if it is an effective tool for the selection of large areas rather general. It will not be very useful to perfectly delimit the outline of some details of the shoe (such as laces or outsole, for example).

Pen tool: This tool is ideal for curves, so we will use it to delimit the sole of the shoe and all other curved parts; rounded edges, hollow, etc.

Background removalFor starters, we will duplicate the background layer. This will allow us to eliminate only the background of the image later.

To select our product and separate it from the bottom, we will first use the Magic Wand to select the general shape of the shoe.

You can see on the picture that the shoe is selected, but a part of the bottom is too. To remedy this, we will refine our selection with the Pen tool. To do this, we will delimit very precisely the outline of the part of the shoe that we want to keep (in this case, it is the contour of the sole of the shoe) and then draw a circle around the area from the bottom to delete.

Once you have selected your selection, right-click and choose “Make selection” then “Subtract from selection”, so that the outline of the shoe is perfectly defined and the areas selected by mistake are removed.

Now that we have refined our selection, we will erase both the background of the image (simply by clicking on the background and pressing the “Delete” key ), as well as the background layer. Once the background layer is erased, we get a perfect product image with a transparent background.

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That you delete the bottom of your photos with a free app like Preview, Paint.Net. If you choose to use professional tools like Photoshop, the important thing is to succeed in obtaining images of professional products.

Background removal service tools for your photos is an important part of the process of optimizing your product images for the Web. Once you have mastered this skill, you should think about setting new standards for trimming, resizing, alignment, and margins.

There is always more to learn about background removal service, and that’s a good thing; you improve your skills and the quality of your product images, and your business is positively impacted.