Among all our accessories, sunglasses occupy a special rank. It is a piece that usually takes its time to choose.

Buying sunglass not to mention the number of fittings by which one passes before finding the rare pearl. With so many varieties of shapes, colors, prices, it is not always easy to find yourself with the sunglasses.

Alongside this, solar energy is generally accompanied by a flood of clues and information. How to find one in different types of glass? What material to choose for the mount? Toward which style to turn? What are the best brands? So many questions that we will answer together.

Follow the guide to choose your new sunscreen.

1- Do contact lenses protect against UV rays?

Contact lenses that are very practical for sportsmen often have a UV filter that provides good protection. But during intense exhibitions, it is advisable to use the sunglasses to protect the contours of the eye and the eyelids.

Sunglass2 – Defining the use of┬ásunglass

Before even passing the door of your optician, think about the user that you will make of this sun glass. “The first question to ask is whether the use of glasses will be urban or rather sporty. Founder of the eponymous optician workshop. In other words, depending on whether you are happy hour and Marlboro Light on the terrace. Trek in the Jura, the choice of your solar depends on it. To the regulars of the 400 meters hurdles, Valerie Carlotti advises models “more curved. That covers the upper part, and well on the nose and do not slip”. The others, whose head will remain the majority of the time placed on the cushion of the deck chair.

3 – Choose protective lenses

Buying a pair of Bay-Ran glasses on a vendor’s showcase at the Champs de Mars is immoral. All the more so when one knows the damage that can have the UV rays on the eyes. It is therefore absolutely necessary to ensure that the sun protection is sufficient. For this, make sure that 100% UV400, which indicates a complete filtration of ultraviolet rays, is present.

“Polarizing lenses, which eliminate all the reflections generated by a shiny surface, are also a criterion of choice,” explains Valerie Carlotti, “they provide a sensation of immediate comfort and are, for example, very suitable for driving”. More technical glasses, called photochromic glasses, vary according to the luminous intensity and “do not worry about” Whether or not to remove the spectacles according to the light conditions “. The ex-banker of 47 years also warns those who would like to play Mariah Carey at the exit of the airport: “We must be careful not to choose too dark glasses, which could become responsible for a photophobia “.

4 – Adapting your frame to your face and skin tone

If all the faces are different, and although it is complicated to issue a list of general truths about the choice of the mount without attending the fitting, some tips can help you avoid the look Jean-Pierre Coffe. “Round faces will avoid frames that are too round and will instead focus on geometric glasses to restore dynamism to the face,” says Valerie Carlotti. On the contrary, the angular faces will be able to choose a frame with curves. More generally, “the glasses must be proportional to the size of the man, their width must approximate the size of the temples, they must neither touch the cheekbone nor hide only a part of the eyebrow.”

As for the characteristics of the frame, the mainly recommended material is the acetate. “He has a presence and the solar acetate often have more personality. Metal is also an option but is more expensive, “explains the creator of the Carlotti line tier. On the color side, Michel Polnareff is wrong on the whole line; The choice is influenced by skin tone. “The very pale skins can be oriented towards a scale with warm tones, a matte blue or a shiny metal,” comments Valerie Carlotti. Dark shades, translucent gray or a straw color are suitable for a more dull skin.

Should we buy his sunglasses at the same time as those sunglasses?

You have vision problems and do not have sun glass? What better opportunity than to buy them at the same time as your eyeglasses! You will be able to ask for glasses adapted to your lack of vision. An essential caution when driving in sunny weather!