In New York, it’s not just the metro! I also advise you to borrow the important bus network. Here’s what you need to know about New York buses.

The Transportation Department of New York City tries to improve the city bus system. And The department and the MTA are working together to improve the system. They do it through implementing bus rapid transit improvements on routes throughout the city.

1# Use the unlimited metro map

To get around as you want in New York, I would definitely recommend buying the unlimited Metro card for 7 days, the 7-Day Unlimited Ride MetroCard. This card costs $ 32 and it gives you access to the entire network of the MTA, the New York Transportation Authority.

The metro map allows you to borrow all the buses from New York. Convenient to hop on a bus!

NYC city map2# Always have the extra

If you are not using a MetroCard card, be sure to always top up to pay for tickets purchased by the unit: the driver does not return the change!

And if you do not have the extra boost, the driver will not hesitate to scold you and the other passengers will make your eyes wide as you will delay the departure of the bus. To have experienced it once, I can tell you that I learned the lesson!

3# Use the Express buses

As in the New York subway, some lines have two types of bus: local buses that stop at each stop, and buses with Limited Stops, which only stop every 10 blocks. A very practical system to save time because, if you have to do a long distance, local buses really train.

Here are the 2 Manhattan lines that provide local service and service with Limited Stops: M4 on Fifth Avenue, Madison Avenue, and Broadway; M98 from Washington Heights to the Upper East Side.

Express buses NYC4# Think of buses crosstown

To move from east to west, take the “Crosstown” bus. Unlike other buses, which provide lines linking north to south, these buses cut Manhattan in the width direction. This is very practical to save yourself from walking!

Here are the main crosstown buses in Manhattan: M50 on 50th Street, M42 on 42nd Street, M34 on 34th Street, M23 on 23th Street, M14 on 14th Street, M8 on 8th Street and M21 on Houston Street.

5# Attention to air conditioning

New Yorkers love air conditioning and I suggest you always have a light sweater with you. In buses, air conditioning can be particularly cold and you will sometimes feel like traveling in a fridge.

in busOne tip: the air conditioning is always much stronger in the bottom of the bus than in the front. If you are sensitive to the acclaim, stay ahead.