Take a look at this fantastic movie trailer. In the early 1960s, Victor Torres and his family moved to Brooklyn from Puerto Rico to find successes and search of a new life. The American dream rapidly blurs as they face an existence of need in their embraced home. As a newcomer in a street gang, Victor leaves on a lucrative new medication trafficking business trying to help his battling family. Victor is immediately subjugated by medication utilize, and his folks, Manuel and Lila, frantically inquiry to figure out how to help their child. A trust -based rehabilitation program is their last possibility to recover Victor.


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  1. Director: Brandon Dickerson
  2. Writer: Brandon Dickerson, Thomas Ward
  3. Actors: Patrick Davis, Lisa Vidal, Josh Pence
  4. Genre: Drama
  5. Run Time:1 hour 45 minutes
  6. Release Date: March 24th, 2017