Wedding insurance | What it covers?

protect wedding
protect wedding

Wedding insurance | What it covers?

Wedding insurance has never thought…

After 8 years of dating Ana and Peter were clear, They must go one step further than they did as they were only for Catholics, but because they wanted and wanted to ride a big celebration for friends and family. In short they wanted to marry.

They had almost everything ready for the link. True, there are always the last details to cover, but it somehow, “the fat man had covered”.

True, they had no life insurance … one day evaluated and rejected economic accounts.

One day, one of those BUS stay online Pedro used to do late night discovered a curious article. Insurance was canceled wedding (wedding cancellation insurance). Hiring this insurance, the insurance company promises to return the money if the wedding is canceled for reasons other than Ana and Pedro.

What can this type of insurance cover?

The cancellation of the event, the wedding may be due to many cases. From a sudden bout of lovers at the last minute, causing the cancellation of the event to an accidental death, accident or serious illness of an insured person (especially witnesses).

It can also be caused by external events like a storm.

In these times of crisis, there are many manifestations can cause an accidental event having traffic congestion, transport strike, and even the failure of a supplier, such as catering.

As we can see this type of insurance covers a wide range of possibilities.

Peter says to him the next day Ana. Ana answers; “Honestly, I had not raised my affection”

How much does a safe is the first thing you ask Pedro and Ana

That is the question only up to you to know your answer.
We just saw some things that can cover this insurance. As you want to ensure elements of the event will cost more or less. There are different levels of protection to cover the event. More or less you have to calculate a two / three way (2/3%) of the total cost of the event. For a wedding of $ 12,000 would be about 360 $

Ana insurance checks out…

Surprised by this insurance covers such a transport strike, he discovers that might not be a bad idea to hire him.
Read a web coverage they have for the wedding dress and other outfits of the ceremony.
She, Ana, has much fear with the subject of the pictures and video, has hired two companies, but have insurance to cover you may not be a bad idea. Knowing that no amount of money can regain some lost photos from your wedding day …
also seen to have option to be covered in the housing, in the flowers, in the vehicle coming to pick you up in the hall itself, gifts wedding …

Logically, the insurance company will ask for information needed to make safe.

wedding insurance
wedding insurance

When you hiring a wedding insurance?

There is no exact date. “Theirs” is to do with time, with professional advice. Quietly.

Do not rush in the final decision and see that hedging contract and which are not. Sometimes it happens like with home insurance that not knowing well the coverage we have contracted are doubling insurance coverage and do not even ask for a certain lack insurance. Logically this happens not to be well advised on this issue. 

Anne and Peter got married. They had two children. The wedding insurance hired him and they came in handy. For an error in the catering could not eat the menu hired … was the best wedding hired after one legal safe … but that’s another story.