wispy eyelashes

Wispy eyelashes give you the most sensual and fascinating look. That increase the beauty of the eye which will not go unnoticed when we use the latest developments in the field of beauty. You can use a permanent wispy eyelash to get the perfect look.

Traditionally, women use different makeup shadows, mascara, eyeliner, or curling eyelashes. Here are some small secrets about how to use wispy eyelashes makeup attributes to achieve the ideal shape of the eyes visually. “bringing” your size and location to the face almost perfect.

Here are some tips to use wispy eyelashes:


Gently remove the perfect lashes from the pack of lashes or from their box with tweezers. Proceed from one end of the strip to avoid damaging the eyelashes.

Tip: Always apply your wispies false lashes after completing your makeup. Finish making up your natural lashes before applying the wispy eyelashes (mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadows).


Before putting the glue, place the wispies false lashes strip over your eye and check that the length matches. The strip should be slightly shorter than your natural length. By being slightly shorter you will avoid any inconveniences especially in the corner of your eye.

STEP 3: SIZE-Wispy eyelashes

If necessary, cut, cut the length at the outer end (the part closest to your ear). The eyelashes should be longer on the outer corners of the eye and not the inner corners.

wispy eyelashesRemember, If your eyelashes are naturally long, we advise you to prune the lashes from the inside corner (the tip closest to the nose).


Let a small drop of false eyelash glue on the inner, inner part of the eyelashes strip using a cotton swab. Then gently slide the cotton swab to spread the glue along the entire length of the strip. Be careful at the ends, make sure there is glue all the way down to ensure proper tape retention. Bend the horseshoe-shaped band for 30 seconds to prepare the glue for application on the eyelid.


Look down and place the band as close as possible to your natural line (of eyelashes). Gently tap the entire length of the band with a cotton swab. Squeeze the ends and let the glue dry (the white glue becomes transparent when dry).


Once in place and dry you can slightly retouch your eyeliner if needed. Do not worry if you do not succeed the first time, try again and you will become an expert in a short time!


Some people are allergic to glue that can cause redness and swelling. Of course, extensions of eyelashes are to be avoided if you suffer from an eye infection or if you have just undergone eye surgery. “And if the eyelashes are not glued properly, there is a risk that your eyelids will remain tied together.

long wispy eyelashesDo not apply for lens extensions if you wear lenses because there is a risk that the glue will adhere to it, in addition to the risk of irritation and inflammation. If you really care, remove the lenses before laying and do not wear them for at least ten days.

You should be able to pass a clean mascara brush on your eyelashes.