Strangers in their own birthplace, two young brothers in search of their birth father across the colorful landscape of Greece. Dany, 16, leaves Crete to find his brother Odysseus who lives in Athens and they journey to Thessaloniki where they think their father is living. When the handsome Odysseus isn’t protecting his daydreaming, gay younger brother, he auditions for the television talent show “Greek Star” where he pursues his fantasy of becoming a singing star.

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  1. Director : Panos H. Koutras
  2. Writers : Panos H. Koutras, Panagiotis Evangelidis
  3. Actors : Kostas Nikouli, Nikos Gelia
  4. Genre : Foreign, Drama, Romance
  5. Run Time : 2 hours 8 minutes
  6. Release Date :  October 9th, 2015